How to restore faded golf bag? (2023 Guide)

how to restore faded golf bag

I already know that readers of my blog consider me a veteran in Golf. In all my experience golfing the need to learn how to restore faded golf bag came increasing with time. After playing for long times, faded golf bags were a problem I needed to take care of. I sent them to people who do this for a living but still I always was thinking that they could have done a better job.

So, after being unsatisfied a lot of times with their work, the need to learn to do it myself instead of buying new ones was there. What did I do? Well, of course I started surfing the internet to look for answers. All I can say that there wasn’t a single article that went throw all the steps to help me learn.

But after reading 10 or more articles I went ahead to try different things to see what’s working. After 4 or 5 tries I got a good result but not the best. It was the same results that I was getting from people who do this every day, so I was satisfied.

How to restore faded golf bag from home in 13 simple steps

All the steps below are from really good research I made and putting them into test. Not all of them will give the best results but combining them gave me a really good final product.

1. Clean your bag once a week

Even though our bags may not have the value of a Birkin bag, they still need to be cared for. To do this, mix mild soap with a little warm water and apply to a damp cotton cloth. Use gentle circular motions to remove all traces of dirt.

2. Always wipe in the direction of the leather

I tried cleaning my golf bag 2 times until I learned that I need to always wipe in the direction of the leather. Opposite movements may damage the leather and leave marks.

3. Avoid chemical products

Forget baby wipes, vinegar or any other homemade grandmother’s recipe. The components of these products can alter the color or appearance of the leather.

4. The key to removing ink stains

We all know those famous golf club stains that invade our bag at each use. To get rid of them, you have to be very reactive and go see a specialist as soon as it happens.

You can also buy a leather cleaner and follow the instructions carefully. Wipe off the product and let your bag air dry.

If your golf bag does not come with a dust-bag, use a pillowcase and you’re done!

5. Do not use water to remove grease stains

Backpacks, fanny packs or even purses, no bag is immune to everyday stains. For grease stains, use a soft cloth and wipe the stain in circular motions.

6. Invest in professional cleaning products

For all stubborn and encrusted stains, these creams, used by leather specialists, should not be rinsed at the risk of damaging the material further.

7. Make the right choice in your products

Choose specific products for each material. For nubuck, for example, a cleaning product for “all leathers” will be less effective than a product targeted for nubuck.

8. Do a test before use

Apply the product to a small area of the bag, preferably on the inside or bottom, which will not be visible if it fails.

9. Use clay stone

In extreme cases, the clay stone can revive the shine of your golf bag. With a damp sponge, apply the product in circular motions and then wipe it off with a cotton cloth.

10. When you’ve already tried everything

As a last resort, opt for the camouflage technique with shoe polish. Use a very small amount on the damaged area or the faded area.

11. Be careful with the soap you use

One avoids the soaps for leather too aggressive (reserved in general for the equestrian equipment or for the furniture) which risks stripping the leather of your golf bag.

12. To get rid of bad smells

Everyday odors inevitably get stuck in the bottom of our bags. To remedy this, there are deodorizers for bags that shield and refresh your golf bags.

13. Opt for baking powder

Place an open jar of baking powder wrapped in a pillowcase at the bottom of your golf bag for 24 hours. Result: a bag free of bad odors.

Maintaining your golf bag on a daily basis

Pad your golf bags when not in use

This will keep the shape intact and prevent it from flattening out.

Don’t leave your bag in the sun

As with all fabrics, too much exposure to the sun can alter the color and damage the material.

Avoid mixing dark clothes with light golf bags

Some clothes can rub off on your light golf bags and create dark marks that are very difficult to remove.

Adopt the handbag organizer

Ideal to place all your products and avoid that they are in direct contact with your bag. In the form of multi-compartment pouches, travel organizers also allow you to change your bag in a flash.

Avoid touching your bag after applying moisturizer

If you’ve just moisturized your hands, don’t touch your bag or you’ll leave grease stains.

Use your dust-bag

Beyond a pretty packaging ultra instagrammable, the dust-bag provided with the bags, are of great use. Slip your bag inside to protect it from dust.

Find a dust-bag alternative

If your bag doesn’t come with a dust bag, don’t panic and use a pillowcase!


Different solutions exist on how to restore faded golf bag! 👍

To restore your golf bags, you can either use specialized products for an impeccable result or opt for specific methods that make it possible to remove this small scratch or this not very aesthetic greasy stain.

In any case, do not forget that a golf bag is fragile and that it must be taken care of on a daily basis, in particular by protecting it from rain, dust and heat sources!

Remember: Some of us ‘Golfers’ don’t use the golf bags only for our golf clubs! Most of us are lazy to take other bags to keep our golfing clothes. So, we usually use our golfing bags to keep our golf shorts, golf shirts, golf pants, golf hats, golf clubs, golf jackets, etc.

So, I think every one of you who reads this article will learn how to restore faded golf bag from your own home without needing to go to other people and actually pay for it. Now if you play golf really rare and not so often like me maybe it will be cheaper for you to actually pay someone to do it for you.

If you don’t clean your golf bags after every round after a season of testing, they will be filthy. The performance of your clubs is harmed by sand and debris caught in the club head or grips.

The ball’s spin and trajectory are changed, which has an impact on the accuracy of each shot’s distance. Cleaning your bags is critical for your golf clubs too. Not only will they regain their original performance, but they will also last longer.

Cleaning them with a brush or, failing that, a microfiber cloth after each stroke is best. It also eliminates the need to polish the golf club right before the next shot, which can be distracting.

I hope this article will help you learn the steps to golf bag restoration and you can use it to restore a faded golf bag. The same methods can also be used for pouch faded bag and circle faded bag.


Can I dye a faded golf bag?

If your nylon carrier is extremely faded, the best solution is to use a dye of the same color. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid further ruining the nylon’s color. The best way is to put the dye in a spray bottle and apply it to the affected areas.

Can you wash a golf bag?

Clear out your golf bag completely. Then properly vacuum the inside pockets, the zippers and the outside. In the second step, you can clean golf bags made of nylon or polyester with warm water and a drop of detergent. You can also wipe clean inside pockets with a sponge.