Footjoy Premiere vs G/Fore Gallivanter

footjoy premiere vs gfore

Footjoy Premiere golf shoes and G/Fore Gallivanter golf shoes are among the best golf shoes ever made. These premium shoes are popular among the best golfers and provide great comfort. The golfing community wants to know which one is better than the other. This is why I decided to make a Footjoy premiere vs Gfore Gallivanter review.

I have several sets of both. I choose the Premiere since it has a better grip and seems to have slightly higher quality (Gallivanters are still very good obviously). The ability to replace the spikes on the Premiere’s is a benefit because I walk and have played an absurd amount of golf over the past two seasons, and my Gallivanters are obviously fairly worn on the heels and toe.

Footjoy Premiere vs GFore Gallivanter

Read our full review to find out with is the best golf shoe between Footjoy Premiere and G/Fore Gallivanter.

Footjoy Premiere Golf Shoes Review

  • Comfort
  • Grip
  • Light
  • Stable
  • Ability to replace spikes
  • Durable
  • Price

Today we’re going to review the shoe of the year for 2021, the FootJoy premier series. In order to create a design that truly pays tribute to their earlier generations, FootJoy looked back into their archives and at some of the key figures who helped make them what they are today.

They have upgraded it and filled it with every piece of technology at their disposal right now. It is an amazing accomplishment that FootJoy is also celebrating 75 years of dominating shoe numbers on the PGA Tour.

They really focus on us as golfers and what kind of footwear they can provide us that will really benefit our games and really help us shoot the highest score that we possibly can, and I believe that’s one of the reasons why we all adore them as a company.

Now, as I previously mentioned, they’ve gone back into the archives, and they’ve been inspired by the past. And so, this lineup comes in three different styles. We have the tallow, the Flint, and then the Packard.

The Tallow is inspired by Bill and Dick Tylo, who bought Footjoy in 1957, and then concentrated them solely on golf. The other style is the Flint that’s inspired by Pearlie Flint, who was a designer of their first ever shoe in the 20s. The third style is the Packard inspired by Frederick Packard, who was Footjoy’s founder whose designs and ideas are still relevant today when it comes to designing golf shoes for golfers.

If you hold the shoe in your hands, you should be able to notice how wonderful the grain is on the exterior of the upper, which is made of Joy’s Chroma skin leather. Chroma skin leather has always been quality and it is one of the best leathers on the market.

Now let’s move on to the outsole, where you can see FootJoy’s basic pulsar bikes as well as their brand-new verse attracts plus alpha, which has a ground-breaking anti channeling design and will provide you the most traction no matter what angle your feet are standing in. And you’ll also notice that it’s made up of two different types of TPU.

The eco plush fit bed, which has perimeter weighting for your stability while wearing the shoes, is part of the Premier Series’ commitment to comfort. As you may know, stability is a crucial component of some of FootJoy’s tour-inspired shoes. And then the ortholite side of things is providing you with that lovely underfoot cushioning.

Now some of the materials on the inside of the shoe are simply incredible. The inside of the shoe does feel really nice, and it makes for a very comfortable fit around your heel and ankle area.

Additionally, there is a heel counter for support on the inside, but it is little more rounded, which for me made the front of this shoe slightly comfier than the icon.

When wearing the shoe, you definitely feel a little bit more comfortable in the front of the foot because the premier series is a little bit more rounded.

Some of the details on this shoe are truly amazing, and you can also see the magnificent FootJoy logo on the side of the shoe, right around the area where the lacing holes are.

Additionally, you can see the year 1945, the year that FootJoy first held the lead in shoe counts on the PGA Tour, making some of the information about this shoe really astonishing.

I love the Premiere Series because they are sturdier and have better grip, plus feel like they will hold up longer. I recommend these shoes for golfing if you have the budget.

G/Fore Gallivanter Golf Shoes Review

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stability

Have many Gallivanters and find them to be somewhat comfortable but heavy. Very nice grip, and I think the overall fit is comfortable.

The Gallivanter is essentially a zero-drop running shoe for golf. I like it, but some people might not, because it doesn’t feel like there is any drop between the heel and forefoot.

The leather is super soft, so the shoes are made to be super comfortable.

I really enjoy these shoes’ bottoms. These are simply being able to see who is wearing G/Fores in my opinion, similar to how your right foot rises as you swing. And you can see that some of them have blue, while others have yellow, pink, or orange on the bottom, which I think is really cool.

There are these ridges inside the shoe which are meant to massage your foot while you are walking. I think this is a great feature of these golf shoes that makes them stand out from the others. They will feel weird for 30 minutes when you wear them but later you will find them very comfortable.

I really enjoyed my time at the golf course wearing these shoes and I would recommend you buy these. The only thing that I didn’t like about them, and it wasn’t that big of a problem was stability.

Final Thoughts

I can only say with certainty that I like them both. The Gallivanters would have the advantage in terms of ease of movement, but the Premiers would have the advantage in terms of stability.

I walk more than 150 rounds a year, therefore shoes are important to me. I initially objected to the cost of both of these shoes because I’ve worn out a number of Adidas and Pumas with similar light weight sneaker/running shoe designs.

In the end, I believe that purchasing a pair of high-quality shoes will be less expensive than purchasing/replacing three pairs of lesser shoes with the same overall lifespan.


Are G Fore golf shoes good?

The G/Fore tops our list because we feel it provides the best all-around performance, while offering some of the best comfort we’ve seen.

Is FootJoy premiere comfortable?

FootJoy Premiere is stylish, stable, comfortable and easy to keep clean.

Are FootJoy premieres waterproof?

FootJoy warrants that this golf shoe will be 100% waterproof in normal use for two years.