What is the Best Way to Clean your Golf Clubs?

What is the Best Way to Clean your Golf Clubs

Today, we are going to find out what is the best way to clean your golf clubs. A good round of swings and putts on the green is most often recognized by dirty golf clubs at the end of a round!

It is essential to clean and maintain them before storing them to keep them as long as possible. As soon as you get on the course your equipment already speaks for you.

Whether your wedges look like pie shovels that just cut a birthday cake, or shine brightly because they’re just coming out of the store, your clubs are going to be inspected by your partners.

And even if you have not crossed your group, it already has an idea in mind of the partner that you are. Foresight or last minute, there is always a way to take care of your clubs.

Whether just before the game or at home, here are some examples and their opposites to make them shine in society.

Your maintenance sessions help keep your golf equipment intact. It is also a process that allows you to get to know your clubs better and positively influence your mastery of the game.

Here is how to effectively clean and maintain a golf club!

How to clean your golf clubs

First, use a mild dishwashing liquid and heat up the water.

Be careful not to make it so hot that it distorts the metal head of your golf club. Remember, this part must remain intact to ensure maximum accuracy on the course.

Then, pour your water into a bucket and add the dishwashing liquid. To avoid repeating this process when cleaning other clubs, make sure you choose a large enough container that can hold all of your equipment at once.

As for the water level, it should be at the limit of the head of your golf club.

Once you’re done with this preparation step, you can move on to the second step, which involves dipping the heads of your golf clubs in soapy water.

They should be able to clean themselves by soaking for about 5 minutes, but you can leave them in for up to 10 minutes if they are very dirty.

The third step is to brush them with a stiff bristle brush or a toothbrush. Gently scrub the face, then the back, then the top, all the way to the sole of your golf club.

Avoid using wire brushes to avoid damaging the surface of your golf club head. Also, avoid soaking the wooden parts of your clubs in hot soapy water. Instead, use a damp cloth.

To get rid of any dirt that may have gotten into the grooves of your golf club, simply remove it with a toothpick.

The fourth step is to rinse your clubs with water, trying to keep the metal parts as clean as possible.

Drying and storage

A terry towel will suffice to dry your perfectly cleaned golf clubs. Once again, the metal parts must be perfectly dry and free of all traces of moisture.

Finally, you can put them back in their bag or cart, as they are now perfectly clean and are not at risk of being damaged by the possible moulds that often appear in case of humidity.

If we were to add a few tips to these simple cleaning principles, we would simply insist on using hot water every time you clean your golf clubs.

You won’t find a better way to easily rid your golf clubs of any dirt that may have clung to their elements. It’s a bit like washing the dishes!

Cleaning your golf clubs: Additional Tips

The fastest way to clean your clubs is the Tour caddy way. Wet a third of the towel thoroughly.

This way, you’ll have both a wet towel to properly clean the club and a dry towel to finish polishing the clubhead or wiping the moisture from your hands on every shot.

However, the main drawback occurs in hot weather. The wet part of the towel will dry at the speed of light, leaving a dry piece of cloth in your hands.

Under these conditions it is impossible to clean these clubs on the course cleanly, unless you sacrifice your course water.

Post-course pressure washing

If you have qualms about leaving your magic wands in deplorable condition, the high-pressure jet is your friend.

Not only will it literally remove all the dirt from your clubs, it will also remove it from your pants and shoes, if any.

I have played few courses that offer this type of device. Only once have I been given the opportunity to use a promising piece of equipment except that it was not connected to a water supply.

The positive point is its effectiveness in the winter season. A high-pressure water jet will remove any mud clinging to your clubs or under your shoes, ideal after a winter game where you have played on a wet course. Your clubs will be clean, just like new!

At home at the sink

For the impatient or those who don’t want to take the time to clean your newly acquired set of clubs right after the course, there is still the good solution of the sink and brush.

With this method, you have plenty of time. On the other hand, you’ll want to remember to clean the sink from top to bottom after your round.

Scrubbing clubs full of dirt is not without consequences for the sink. The projections of grains of earth and others could inconvenience your roommates.

Clean the grip

The grip is the most neglected part of the club. Rarely cleaned, the grip will turn into a skating rink at the slightest drop of water on which nothing will fit, not even your hands.

Using warm, slightly soapy water, hold the club upside down and scrub the grip, being careful not to get any water into the hole at the top. Rinse thoroughly and let dry with the club head up.

Ultra sonic cleaners

Simply the ultimate in club care. Both grips and clubheads are cleaned via a bath of specially formulated surfactant solution.

Electric motors transmit a 40 KHz sound and microscopic bubbles form on the surface. The bubbles grow and then implode. The goal is to dislodge any dirt on the club.

These expensive machines, which you won’t find everywhere, provide a thorough cleaning of 14 clubs in just a few minutes.

The only drawback is that the water-based solution must be changed regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

With all of these methods, no excuses will be accepted at the start of the 1st by your playing group. Your clubs should be clean whether they are 20 year old clubs or the latest Callaway series.

What are the benefits of regularly maintaining your golf clubs?

As you may have noticed, it is not difficult to maintain your golf clubs efficiently.

It is simply recommended that you clean your clubs every time you use your equipment in order to preserve it.

Well-maintained golf clubs will provide you with durable equipment that will serve you for many years.

Especially since the purchase of this equipment alone is a serious investment! You must therefore take good care of your equipment to avoid damaging it.

By giving your golf clubs the care they deserve, you’ll get the most out of your investment by keeping them free of dirt and moisture for as long as possible.

Regular cleaning of your clubs will also save you time from having to replace your accessories often.

Indeed, with time and wear, you will also have to replace certain elements of your golf clubs, if only to talk about grips or clubs.

A good maintenance will also avoid you to replace directly the heads of your golf clubs.

In addition to the longevity you bring to your clubs by simply cleaning them properly and regularly, it is important to mention that your equipment greatly influences your performance once on the course.

Well-maintained golf clubs will be your best allies in beating your competition and improving your game as you gain experience.

I hope you learned what is the best way to clean your golf clubs and now you are able to do it yourself in your home.