What is a golf wash bag?

what is a golf wash bag

Are you a golfer and like to travel a lot and you heard about golf wash bag but you have no idea what is a golf wash bag? Well, don’t feel bad because no one actually knows. You may say why people call them golf wash bags if they don’t even know what those are and here is my own answer for you. Because of a single use they have, people started calling them golf wash bags. So lets jump into this simple question.

What is a golf wash bag?

A golf wash bag is a bag with a lot of big pockets in which golfers can keep all their golf equipment when going away to play golf on the weekends or travelling on vacation. Golf wash bags are also known as travel bags because they are mostly used when golfers are traveling.

There were times when big golf tournaments were far away from me and I had to travel. That was the time when I first learned what golf wash bags are and what golfers use them for. I had to travel overseas to be part of the tournament one time and my golf wash bag saved me big time.

To have place where I could put all my golf clubs, my golfing outfits (my golf pants, my golf shorts, golf shirts, golf hats, golf gloves), my daily outfits and everything else was a great thing that happened to me. A golf wash bag isn’t only a big bag where you have place to put all your things.

The big pockets of a golf wash bag give you the opportunity to take everything you need with you without needing to have two separate bags for golf equipment and your clothes. And not only that, because the golf wash bag is separated in big pockets, you can put golf clubs in the middle without worrying that the clubs will get your clothes dirty.

I put my golf clubs in the middle and my clothes in the big pockets on the sides. This way I was able to travel overseas to play in the golf tournament with only one golf bag. I could hold the golf wash bag in my back like a school bag and carry it around. You would be surprised that the golf wash bags not only carry all our things, but they are really cool too. Everyone who passed by me in the street knew I was a golfer and wished me good luck in Golf.

So this specific bag not only helped me take all my things in one bag overseas but gave me so much positivity from people all around the world. I can really say that holding it made me look so cool and I highly recommend it to all the golfers who have to travel or go away for the weekends.

Golf Wash Bags Types

The golf bag is the must-have accessory for all golfers. There are different types of golf bags, each one for each type of player. Although each golfer needs a specific one depending on his type of game, there are several basic characteristics that must be met in order to be as functional as possible.

Lightweight: it is very important that the bag is light so as not to add much more weight to the weight of the clubs.

Separators all the way to the bottom: a bag protects the clubs much better if it has separators all along the body of the bag, from the top to the bottom. This prevents the clubs from moving and also prevents them from touching and colliding with each other.

Individual separator for the putter: it is very convenient to take out the putter and put it in the bag without it rubbing and damaging the rest of the clubs.

I really like the lightweight wash bags because I really like to take care of my golf clubs. So because I really care about my golf clubs I always go for the lightweight ones.

What to put in your golf wash bag?

This is the question that all us golfers ask ourselves at that crucial moment. What should you put in your wash bag? How can you make sure you don’t forget anything before hitting the ball? The answer is simple: by following this list, whether you are going for 9 or 18 holes.

1 – The essentials: your clubs and balls

Obviously the thing I always say to myself not to forget. Your irons, your putter, the woods. Take the ones you feel comfortable playing with. In tournaments, you can take a maximum of 14 but it is rare to use them all… So try not to overload your bag. Don’t forget your balls either, and make sure you have a supply of them because you may lose some on the course.

2- Clothes

This may sound silly, but it is the second most important point. Take a cap if it’s hot, or even a hat if it’s freezing. Now you are traveling and most of the times the weather will change. You will have to be ready for everything. Considering the time you will spend outside, these accessories can allow you to play despite the extreme weather conditions And especially to avoid getting sick!

You should also bring a raincoat and an umbrella. You’ll be glad to stay dry, and so will your clubs, which are difficult to play when they slip out of your hands!

3- Essential sunshades

These two tools can quickly become your best friends. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must. When you travel around the world, it usually takes you several weeks or months. To avoid sunburn, don’t forget to take a strong enough sunscreen so you can continue playing. Sunglasses are also essential.

4- The food court

As mentioned in the previous point, your games last several days or weeks. So don’t forget to put cereal bars, fruit and a bottle of water that you think you cant find anywhere else in your bag so that you don’t get hungry while traveling. In case of strong heat, avoid taking chocolate which could melt in your bag.

5- Pitch raiser

This is an essential accessory, whatever your level. It is a tool that allows you to repair the holes formed on the green by the impact of the balls. Thanks to the pitch lifter, you can level the surface again, and thus leave no trace of your passage. It is especially a way to preserve the good health of the greens because pitch scars are potential sources of disease.

6- A notebook for the more studious

If you are used to playing the same course often, don’t forget to take notes. Your missed shots, the ones you made, your number of putts, the traps to avoid… This will allow you to know the course better and to see your progress over the course of the games.

The truth is that a travel bag is not designed to be used in the field, instead it is exclusively oriented for travel.

This means that you will have to insert your regular bag into the travel bag in order to be able to transport it without worry, especially in the cargo space of an airplane. Although the travel bag is designed to protect your equipment, there are other methods to minimize the chances of damage.

One obvious method is to group your clubs as close together as possible while filling the empty space in your travel bag to avoid any direct contact with the clubs during transport.

Whatever bag you choose, you need to make sure it will fit your needs and habits when you are on the course. If you only play once in a while and never know if you’re going to walk or take a cart, choose the versatility of the stand bag.

If you know for a fact that you will always take your cart or the cart, the cart bag will be the option for you. If you are simply looking for the best looking bag, you will probably end up with the staff bag.

However, with their often very high price tag, think carefully about the need for a large bag. It is true that you will be able to attach them to a cart or wagon, but this could prove to be a problem for the bag’s long-term condition.

Finally, if you’re a purist (and a fairly experienced golfer), go with the Sunday bag and enjoy your ride on the course.

There’s no doubt that one of these bags will be the lucky one for you. You just need to make sure you know your field habits and take a look at the weather. This last factor will be critical in deciding which bag you will use that day.

I hope this article I wrote is a summarizing article on what is a golf wash bag, what we need the golf wash bag and what are the types of golf wash bags.