What is a golf umbrella?

whats a golf umbrella

In addition to the different golf clubs and the importance of selecting good balls, golf umbrella is certainly an element that although often overlooked on many occasions by amateur golfers it is certainly very interesting as an element of protection. If you are a golfer but still don’t know what is a golf umbrella then please keep reading this article.

Some of these golf umbrellas, in addition to using them to play golf will also serve for other purposes since they are umbrellas that will provide a lot of coverage thanks to its large wingspan.

Another of the most important characteristics that a good golf umbrella should have is that it should be light but also very resistant, so they usually incorporate fiberglass rods in its design and subsequent manufacture.

Golf is an outdoor sport, and as is the case with any outdoor sport, you can be caught out by the rain. Unless torrential rain hits the course or there is a risk of lightning, play usually continues.

Golf can be played even in a light rain shower, the only important thing is to stay dry between your shots as well as to protect your own equipment from the moisture. For this purpose, the so-called golf umbrellas were developed.

They have for protection a very large and stable umbrella, which can be fixed on the trolley to protect yourself as well as the bag with the clubs.

What is a Golf Umbrella?

A golf umbrella is an umbrella larger than 50 inches that provides full coverage for an outdoor event and is generally used by golfers and other sportsmen.

A golf umbrella can fully protect golfers from rain and sun. It is designed to be much larger than a normal umbrella and protects golfers and their backpacks. Although originally designed for golfers, but now golf umbrellas are widely used in other places.

Golf umbrellas were designed specifically for golf courses. Thanks to their construction, these umbrellas are extremely stable and storm-proof. In addition, they are easy and quick to operate – they can be opened and closed in a second.

The large, stable umbrella surface is completely windproof. Stretched out, it offers protection like under a canopy. It should also be emphasized that the size of the umbrella covers an enormous amount of surface area, giving the golfer plenty of dry space.

When the umbrella is mounted on the trolley, the complete golf equipment is also safe from wetness. Some trolleys are also equipped with a seat in which the player can sit. Thus, the golfer and equipment would be protected at the same time during the rain, which is very convenient when you have to wait between shots in bad weather.

Most umbrella manufacturers have extremely light and sturdy golf umbrellas on offer in XL and XXL sizes, which actually already provide space for 2 people. In addition, there are special storm umbrellas for maximum protection in wind and rain.

Also worth mentioning are the special Knirps golf umbrellas with fiberglass umbrella. These models are self-closing, envelope-proof and have a patented protection system against gusts of wind.

Most golf umbrellas range in size from 54 to 68 inches (with an opening diameter of approximately 122 to 152 cm), while some are up to 84 inches (with an opening diameter of approximately 76 inches). To prevent umbrellas from being too heavy, umbrellas are generally made of fiberglass frames.

The ribs of the umbrella are also made of this material. In addition to being lightweight, another advantage of using fiberglass is that it strengthens the golf umbrella. The double layer of ventilation in the golf umbrella canopy helps prevent strong winds from turning the umbrella inward.

What is a golf umbrella?

What is the difference between umbrellas and golf umbrellas?

Golf umbrellas are larger than common umbrellas. Common umbrellas range in size from 42 inches to 50 inches but Golf umbrellas refer to umbrellas larger than 50 inches.

A golf umbrella is more wind resistant than a regular umbrella. Regular umbrellas are usually single layered and golf umbrellas are double vented. When the strong wind comes, the wind can pass through the ventilation layer between the umbrella fabrics, thus keeping the balance of the umbrella.

A golf umbrella is stronger than an ordinary umbrella and has a longer service life. Golf umbrellas use fiberglass frames, and ordinary umbrellas use iron, aluminum and wood. Iron will rust after rusting, aluminum is too light and easily deformed, and wood will rot when invaded by bacteria, but fiberglass does not have these disadvantages at all.

How big is the golf umbrella?

Umbrellas larger than 50 inches are golf umbrellas.

Golf umbrella size
50 inches (arc diameter), open diameter: 44 inches.
54 inches (arc diameter), open diameter: 48 inches.
60 inch (arc diameter), open diameter: 52 in.
62 inches (arch diameter), open diameter: 54 inches.
64 inches (arch diameter), open diameter: 56 inches.
68 inches (arch diameter), open diameter: 60 inches.
72 in (bow diameter), open diameter: 64 in.
76 in (bow diameter), open diameter: 68 in.
80 inches (arch diameter), open diameter: 72 inches.
84 in. (bow diameter), open diameter: 76 in.

What is the use of golf umbrella?

If you are a professional or have some idea of playing golf you will know that a quality umbrella is an essential item in the bag of a good golfer. If you really want to play serious games you must learn how to use it well so that you can avoid disturbing your companions or other players, as well as to avoid altering or violating the rules that are currently in force regarding its use.

Normally the umbrella during golf matches or training sessions will be used while moving from one place to another as well as while waiting for your turn to play. When you are not going to use it, it is best to close it because the wind could blow it away and you could interrupt the game. In addition, the caddie can protect the player while he is checking how he is going to hit the ball and the player can also keep it and hit a putt with another hand, although it is not recommended, at least not for beginners because the results can be negative.

How to choose a good golf umbrella?

We have entered autumn, and along with the change of season, we are also accompanied by weather changes such as cold and rain.

If you are a golf fan, this is not a problem, since today we have specific resources: the golf umbrella and the universal umbrella holder. In this way, we will be able to continue enjoying this sport even on the rainiest days that await us in the autumn and winter seasons.

In this part we will give you some tips to choose the umbrella that best suits us and allows us to play golf comfortably in rainy weather. In addition, we want to emphasize the benefits of using an umbrella holder when playing golf in the rain.

Parts of the umbrella to take into account – For our umbrella to be resistant and withstand any adversity while playing golf, we have to look at certain parts of it when buying it and take into account certain characteristics.


One of the main requirements for an umbrella to be resistant is to have at least 8 ribs. It is also recommended that these be at least 50 cm long.

The material they are made of is also important. The fiberglass is one of the most successful, since in addition to resistant, it is very light and this will make our umbrella more manageable.

In addition, it is advisable that our umbrella has the Wind Proof system, which allows our umbrella to be inverted without breaking, in case there is too much wind.


The fabric with which the ribs of our umbrella are covered is another aspect to take into account. As we know, the umbrella must have a completely waterproof fabric, such as polyester. It is also very important to make sure that the seams are perfectly stitched, since water can seep through any hole.

In addition to the above mentioned, there is a finish that will make our umbrella repel water and dirt completely: the Teflon finish. Thanks to this treatment, just by shaking the umbrella, it will dry completely.


As for the length, we must bear in mind that the longer our umbrella is, the more resistant it will be. That is why it is recommended to choose large and long umbrellas to play golf. This way, in addition to being more resistant, we will have more covered space in which to execute our strokes.


It is important to make sure that the handle is very well fixed to the shaft of our umbrella. As for materials, the most frequent and recommended is PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Opening system

As for umbrella opening systems, there are two options: manual and automatic. Which one to choose depends on our personal taste, the important thing in this aspect is that the mechanism works correctly and does not get stuck.

The importance of the umbrella holder in golf

For our golf strokes to be as accurate as possible, it is important to have both hands free when we practice this sport. Therefore, if we want to enjoy golf to the fullest even when it is raining, it is advisable to get an umbrella holder that holds the umbrella for us.


I tried to explain what’s a golf umbrella in professional terms because golf umbrellas are mostly used by the pros and less by people who rarely play golf.