Under Armour Storm Rain Jacket Review 2023

under armour storm rain jacket review

This is my honest Under Armour Storm Rain Jacket Review after wearing and trying it for a long time. Well, what happens as you’re driving to the golf course, the under armor says that you should always have an under armor storm series of rain jackets in your golf bag. So I picked one up, and I decided to give it a try.

Under Armour Storm Rain Jacket Review in 2022

I got a review for you for the under armor storm series, rain jacket, specifically for golf. At least they market it as such. So I’m gonna give you a review and see how well it protects me from the rain. Currently I’m wearing a gray polo t-shirt, so obviously if the jacket does not work, this will turn much darker from the water. Because of it I would be able to see if the jacket is actually waterproof.

This jacket is very thin and its quite light. It’s very light, but I don’t really know how breathable it is. It sticks to your skin a little bit, zippers have a good construction so the jacket is easy to zip all the way. I zipped the jacket all the way to get it nice and tight so the water won’t be able to go in through the neck area.

First I tested the pockets because I wanted to see how many balls I could actually fit in them. I was able to fit 13 Golf balls into the pocket so it’s rather a large pocket. Although I really don’t have any clue why you would have 13 balls in your jacket pocket, but nonetheless, your jacket pocket also has a zipper. So the balls won’t fall out.

To test if the jacket is actually waterproof I took a bucket with water because it wasn’t raining that day. After doing the Ice bucket challenge i opened the jacket to see if water went through.

My polo was dry. Shoulders were dry, sides were dry except for the are around the neck which wasn’t dry. Still I have to give the jacket some credit. The water went through in the neck are because it was a whole bucket but in rainy days I don’t thing it will. I think for a light rain or light shower over the duration of, you know, nine to 18 holes, I think you’d stay relatively dry. I can’t say as much for your pants or your head, but for the jacket portion, I’d give it a eight and a half out of 10.

Under Armour Storm Waterproof Jacket Review

This jacket goes for about $100, more or less. Now I love the jacket, it is a very, very comfortable jacket and it’s really well fitting. The jacket is a very sports light jacket, so if you got muscle it will still fit really well. And this jacket, comes into the assortment of sizes: large, Extra Large, S, M, X, XL, XXL, so this jacket will pretty much fit anyone. Other than that the jacket is phenomenal. It is really warm, you can wear this in pretty much any weather and still feel very comfortable.

With all those pros of this really great jacket, there are still some cons that I don’t like. One thing that I do not like about this jacket, and Under Armour, I think did a phenomenal job on everything else but the stitching. Now there’s a thin piece of material right on the sleeve part of the jacket. One thing I did not like is the stitching on the sleeve because it’s very weak.

I’ll be honest with you, I got this jacket about three weeks ago. And after looking at the sleeve it was not a good job by under armor. I mean I bought this jacket only three weeks ago and it was already ripped on the sleeve.

So what the problem really is, is that when you’re putting on the jacket everything it’s fine because you’re not pulling it up by the sleeves. But when you’re actually putting off the jacket, you have to actually pull it out by the sleeves and you can see it’s just not really good material there. The stitching between the type of material on the middle and the type of material of the sleeve is really poor. So I think Under Armour got to do a better job at stitching that part of the the jacket because this is a very poor job by them.

When people go to take the jacket off, since this is a well fitted armor jacket, they tend to pull it right in that area where my jacket was ripped. It will make a lot of people angry to see their new jacket rip after wearing them for only two to three weeks. I really like this jacket and I wear it pretty much every single day when I go out. It breaks the wind down when the wind is blowing at me but come on, you guys got to do a better job, considering Under Armour have a really good reputation and a really good name at this business.

The stitching on all the other parts of the jacket is fine but they got to do a better job on the stitching aspects of when you’re putting certain things together like when you’re mixing materials in this jacket. If Under Armour are gonna fix this, the only problem I found out when wearing this jacket, I think this is gonna be a bomb jacket.

My Conclusion

My final words to you about this jacket is that, the Under Armour Storm Rain Jacket is a really great jacket. I wear it almost every day when I go out so you are not buying it only for golfing. It’s a really cool jacket and if you get the black and grey colors like I did, it will go with any other clothes you wear.

The jacket has really good zippers that go all the way to your neck so you are protected by the rain. It has zippers in the pockets as well so the golf balls won’t fall. The jacket is made by really good materials and it’s very light but still warm so you can wear it both in cold and hot weather. The stitching is really great in all parts except the sleeves.

I would recommend this to all my blog viewers because it’s really a great jacket for the price.