Tomo Golf Shoes Review 2022

tomo golf shoes review

Hi everybody, in this article I’m gonna be doing a full Tomo Golf Shoes Review, one of the most stylish and most comfortable golf shoes on the market.

Now in this article, we’re gonna be doing a full review on the Tomo golf shoes, one of the most comfortable golf shoes that I have personally ever worn. I’ve been working with Tomo company for over a year now. I probably played at least 40 rounds of golf with my original pair of Tomos, so I have certainly tested these shoes.

Tomo Golf Shoes Review

This is definitely going to be a very honest review to tell you the good, bad and the ugly about the Tomo golf shoes

Pro #1 – Comfort

The first thing that you’re going to notice when you get a pair of tomo golf shoes is the extreme, lightweight design of the shoe. Now this shoe comes in at 9.8 ounces, which is incredible, because it’s one of the most lightweight shoe ever produced. When you’re on the golf course walking day after day, you need something lightweight and comfortable.

I used to be sponsored by FootJoy for many years and they make great shoes. But you know, my only problem with them is that their premium shoes are very heavy. And you know, day after day that gets a little bit tired on the feet. So, one of the advantages that I really like about Tomo is the lightweight factor. I have these shoes in my hands right now and in here you can see this nice knit material of the shoe. And this knit material is important because it has a single layer that really allows air to flow through the shoe. But it can also be a little bit of a disadvantage in some situations.

For instance, if you play a lot of early morning golf or there is a lot to do on the course or certainly in rainy conditions the Tomo golf shoe really isn’t going to be a good shoe for you. However, that being said, they are going to be coming out with a newer version later in 2022 for a waterproof version. But currently Volume One on the TOMO golf shoe is definitely a great summer shoe or in dry conditions these are absolutely perfect.

Tomo Waterproof Golf Shoes

Pro #2 – Spikeless

The other thing that I like about Toro golf shoes is you can certainly see that they are spikeless. You know, there are no spikes in these shoes. And this is important for me because I think this is really the future of golf. You can notice that there are series of little dots right underneath that certainly adds some friction to the ground for some good gripping.

But it also has these long horizontal lines undeneath next to the dots. So, the combination of the horizontal lines mixed with the dots really does provide enough traction, so you know that you have some stability on your golf swing.

Pro #3 – Lifestyle

Now what I like about these shoes, as well as the volume one comes in currently four different colors. They’re very catchy and you can clearly see that these are definitely more of lifestyle shoes. And that’s really what Tomos mission actually is! They want something that you can take straight from the driveway to the fairway.

And in our current times the game of golf is trending more and more towards lifestyle products. So, what I love more about Tomo is that I can wear them when going out on a Friday night. I can take them for a date night with my wife and they’re still very functional for the golf course. So that’s really good, it’s a two for one bonus when buying these shoes and it benefits me. After trying them for this long I just can’t say enough great things about them because I really have enjoyed wearing these shoes.

Again, I’ve probably played about 40 rounds of golf with my original pair of tumble golf shoes, and now in my hands I have the second pair that I’ve got. So, these are brand new fresh out of the box. But I would say that if you’re looking for comfort, this is really the best option that I’ve ever seen. I’ve tested different brands from Nike, Adidas, Puma, certainly new balance, so I have tried all the big brands. For comfort wise, Tomo golf shoe is definitely number one for me.

Cons – Stability

Now when it comes to stability, I have a totally different opinion than others for Tomo shoe. I’m going to have a little disclaimer on here: Some people don’t think this golf shoe actually is as stable because it has a knit base, and you can clearly see that it actually is very flexible. So, some people are thinking all the time that when they will swing into Tomo golf shoes, they won’t feel as stable as with some of the other shoes that have the hard leather material that really have that very stable base for you.

Now, I said in the beginning that I have a totally different opinion in this one and this is only my personal opinion. I actually like this feature because it allows my feet to move a little bit more freely when I’m walking and also when I’m swinging a golf club. So, I’m actually just a little bit more conscious of my balance and this actually helps me improve my swing a lot. So, what other people think is a disadvantage of this shoe, for me it is an advantage that helps me get better at golfing.

Because when I’m swinging, I’m not trying to swing for the fences but I’m trying to make a nice, complete, balanced swing on each shot. And the Tomo Golf has helped me a lot with that. So, I actually think that negative is sometimes a little bit of a positive for different persons.

Personal likings are different for everyone because if I want to use these shoes for golf and going, someone else wants them to play golf or different occasions. Say for instance, you’re doing a long drive competition, or you really have a ton of leg movement, and you need that superior gripping that you would only get with cleats, well then obviously tomo probably is not the golf shoe for you.

But if you are looking for a casual shoe, you live in a dry climate and you just want to have something that’s more of a lifestyle brand, honestly guys, Tomo is one of the best brands out there. I know the owner, great guy based down in San Diego, California, he’s really put his heart and soul into this company going all over Asia finding unique materials to make them.

The base of this shoe is this kind of material almost like a marshmallow. The padding here at the base really provides ultimate comfort. It’s like walking on a pillow. So, guys, if you’re really interested in trying most comfortable golf shoe that I’ve ever worn I highly recommend these Tomo Golf Shoes.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Tomo Golf Shoes Review based on my personal experience with the shoes. While not taking away the stability thing that other people talk about, I still think these are the best shoes I have ever played golf with. You can also read my personal Nike Heritage iii Golf Shoes Review and compare these two great golf shoes that I recommend.