Nike Heritage III Golf Shoes Review 2022

nike heritage iii golf shoes review

Welcome to my personal Nike Heritage III Golf Shoes Review plus the online research I did on them. Yes, I do a lot of research on golf shoes before I decide to buy them. First I check if I like how the shoes look and imagine how they would look on me. Then I open four to five websites where they are sold and look at all the negative and positive reviews they got. So shortly this review I am gonna show you in this article is both personal and researched online.

My personal Nike Heritage iii Golf Shoes Review in 2022

I got a black pair with contrast, a special edition that maintains true to the original design. This golf shoe appears to be as fresh as ever when removed from its famous gray box, but it is also a little hefty and stiff. However, when I tried them on, I discovered that they were extremely roomy for my wide foot. While the upper is made of strong leather and the sole is sturdy, the shoe feels fantastic right out of the box, like a cross between an athletic and a casual shoe. They appear to be the kind of shoe that will last a lifetime.


  • Timeless, stylish design
  • Good value
  • Very durable
  • Great to play Golf for a long time


  • Limited breathability
  • A bit heavy for a low top

With soft, supple leather uppers, a 100 percent waterproof guarantee, and a great price, it’s easy to see why the Heritage golf shoe is their top seller.


  • Great-looking, soft, supple leather uppers provide all the protection you’d expect, plus an in-built water shield membrane that guarantees no leaks!
  • To walk the route comfortably, you’ll need to use your feet’s natural flex. The Heritage shoe’s Nike Power Platform ‘Flex’ grooves in the sole let your feet to do just that, which is especially effective on difficult uneven ground and hilly terrain.
  • A king-size footed with great cushioning and comfort for a day on your feet is created by a velvety full-length ‘Phylon’ midsole.
  • Even in the toughest of situations, the T&C (Traction at Contact) rubber outsole technology provides great traction and grip.
  • Low-profile Scorpion Stinger softspikes provide excellent grip and are environmentally friendly.
  • Softspikes can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the Tri-LOK spike thread system.
  • 1 Year Limited Waterproof Warranty

If you check it in every store these golf shoes are listed as waterproof. I can 100% guarantee after trying them for almost 5 months and playing a lot even in rain they are waterproof. I don’t like taking words from the stores because you know they are selling the shoes and they need to make them look much better than they actually are. So trust me that after trying them myself that is true.

I wore these today for a round of golf in which it rained for much of the round. Everything was saturated by the end of the round, save my feet, which were completely dry despite the fact that the temperature had plummeted into the 50s. They’re still clumsy to look at, but they keep the water out.

Reading, commenting and testing other people’s reviews

“They are lightweight, good support, and are very comfortable. Delivery was as promised, and they came on time. Great for golfing! They came in so white and perfect that my friends actually said that if we need to block off the sun we could just use my shoes! They are an absolutely amazing product which are not only comfortable but also stylish! I love using them and can’t wait to go on the next game!” This was said by a reviewer in Amazon, but is it actually true?

As you can see from the photos I shared in this article my shoes were mostly white. The reason why I chose to comment this review is that the guy who put this review was clearly carried away. My own shoes were mostly white so just to test this I super cleaned them. I went out when the sun was shining and tested if they were shining like the reviewer said. The Results is a big NO. Even though I cleaned them really well and they were white color they didn’t shine at all in the sun and the white color is not that strong either.

“On July 5, I wore these shoes. I won’t be able to play this weekend because of a blister on my small toe caused by these shoes. The shoes are quite tight at the tip, and the top is extremely rigid, leaving no room for movement. Next week, we’ll have a donation pickup, and these shoes will be in the box. I’m sorry I squandered money and AMEX points on these shoes. I’m going to stick with Etonic.”

WOW! This is a really negative review in these shoes. This guy didn’t really like these shoes and they even caused him problems with his foot. After reading this review I was shocked because after wearing the same shoes for some time I came into a totally different result. Please check this next photo I took of these shoes.

Do you see it? These shoes are super flexible and there is no way these shoes can cause problems to your feet. Probably the guy who left this review got a really bad pair of these shoes. I can’t say he is lying because I have no idea what pair of shoes he got. But in my own experience with these shoes I am totally sure that playing golf for a lot of time will never cause problems with your feet. I wore them for 4 hours or more in one golf course and not only they were flexible and comfortable for my feet, but after 4 hours of golfing my feet was not even sweaty.

The holes this shoe has on the sides are perfect to let the air flow in and out. This is the reason you wont even sweat and still be able to play for a lot more hours.

“Classic looking shoe that would be difficult to locate in a store. That’s to say, I couldn’t find it at any pro shop/golf store. Personally, I don’t care for the spike less “Sneaker” look. Just my preference. Took the size off of an old FJ box and they fit perfectly. So it doesn’t appear that sizing has changed over the years. Tried them out today and they are very comfortable.” says another reviewer on Amazon.

Yes, the shoes are pretty classic with 2 colors on them. You can wear them with long golf pants or golf shorts and look pretty classy. The size is standard and you need to order them in the same number as your normal shoes.

What I liked most of these golf shoes is that I could put them in my golf bag and not care about the bed smell. Yes, I told you about those holes in the sides of the shoe that let the air flow in and out. Because my feet don’t get sweaty at all, there is no bad smell either.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Nike Heritage III Golf Shoes Review and now you have an idea how they look from my photos and what opinion I share for them(Read also my honest: Tomo Golf Shoes Review). I hope you came to understand that reading online reviews isn’t always the right idea because you never know if the people who leave these reviews are lying or not.