Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoes Review 2022

nike air zoom victory tour 2 golf shoes review

In this article I’m gonna give you my Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoes Review.

Now I’ve used these quite a few times out on the course. So I’m gonna give you my full in depth review and let you know how they fit, how they feel, and how they perform out in the Gulf Course.

The air zoom victory tour 2 is Nike’s latest attempt at doing a more traditional style golf shoe, while also keeping it modern and fresh.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoes Review 2022

If you tried these shoes you can see that they’ve got a kind of athletic thing on the back that kind of replicates some of Nikes running shoes at the moment.

Now before we go through actually how these performed out on the golf course for me, I’m going to let you know how they fit and feel.

First of all, I’ve got to say that these for me fit true to size. So I’m a UK nine, and I’m more than happy with the fit that I got.

As a UK nine, I definitely didn’t feel that I needed to size down or size up at all. This shoe it’s not necessarily the tightest fitting golf shoe. So it’s not something like the Nike infinity tours, which are just crazy tight and really hug and wrap your foot.

So if you’ve got a really wide foot, and that’s something of a concern for you, you might want to look elsewhere and go for a more kind of specialist golf shoe.

The Design

So, let’s start with the first feature of the shoes that I enjoy. So, first and foremost, I enjoy the way these things look. They’re just incredibly, wonderful, in my opinion.

They’re just the perfect sporty-looking pair of golf shoes, in my opinion. I’m really digging the minor volt hits I’ve had on this hue.

And, yes, I’m talking about the appearance; I believe they’re fantastic. They appear to be very, very smart from every perspective. So, first and foremost, the golf shoes appear to be a pretty well-designed pair.


The next feature of these sneakers that I enjoy is their comfort. The combination of the small air pocket you got down there, as well as the response in the heel, the little squeegee kind of foam, is really wonderful underfoot.

I’m told the front of the foot doesn’t react, but it feels like it does, and it provides for a very lovely, cushioned feeling underfoot. Indeed, it’s very good.

The cushioning in and around the heel part of the shoe is exceptional. There are just a handful golf shoes that feel as wonderful around my heel and ankle that I’ve ever worn.

I’ve had these on for a few rounds and have yet to get a blister. There’s nothing like it; it’s just unbelievably comfortable.

These sneakers are plush and cuddly. Everything you might desire for your heel area is included in the shoes, and they are really comfy on the inside.

In terms of comfort underfoot Nike has done a fantastic job with these shoes. You have a full length as in pocket above the midsole foam, and that’s actually stitched into the upper, right into the sides at the very bottom of the upper, rather than just being planted in the middle of the midsole foam.

As a result, the air zone unit is an integral part of the shoe. And I believe it was given a high level of comfort.


Now, I have to bring up the price, which is 159 at 95 pounds in the UK. In the United States, that equates to 180 USD. If I’m buying shoes that expensive, I’m expecting them to be lovely, if not flawless. And these aren’t one of them.

The first feature of the shoes that I dislike is their steadiness. Now, Nike made a mistake with the Infinity tours, and they weren’t really stable. It was something that a lot of people, including myself, bemoaned about.

Based on the criticism they received on the Infinity tours, I assumed that with this shoe, they would address it. I hoped they would have nailed it in the manufacture of the shoe.

Now, I understand that they’re completely different shoes, and that’s OK, but I just wish they’d done something about it.

The lack of stability is due to the fact that we have a very great bouncy midsole in the heel and then in the front of the foot, but nothing wraps around the React on either side to keep the reactor fixed in place.

The inside

They now have something akin to a wrap system on the inside of the shoe. However, it resembles a netting.

It’s also distinct from the actual interior of the shoe. So if you’re one of those people who just wants to slip those shoes on and leave, it’ll feel a little strange because you’ll have to modify the netting system inside the shoe to make sure it’s comfy on both sides of your foot.

Strange to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, once you’ve fiddled with it and it’s all right, they’re terrific, they feel great, but it’s a strange thing to have to do.

The outsole

So I thought I’d come in and sit down to tell you about my final and biggest gripe with the shoes, which is the outsole. This outsole, according to Nike, is a hybrid outsole, which basically means that you’re supposed to get the same amount of grip from your non-spiked parts as you are from the spiked parts.

I’m just not interested in buying it because I don’t like it. I wish the outsole was a little more consistent all the way around.

So you’re free to put some spikes on there. That’s great. I don’t mind it, but I wish the non-spike parts were a little more obvious to make the soul a little more even when walking on pretty firm terrain.

Where to buy?

I would recommend you to get these shoes from Amazon.

Final words on the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoes

To describe this golf shoe, I believe Nike has done an excellent job in a number of areas.

Personally, I think the shoe has a fantastic appearance. I also enjoy the idea that it is a more traditional presentation. While remaining current and cutting-edge.

I appreciated the variety of color and design options provided. I really enjoyed the show’s comfort underfoot as well as the performance on the golf course.

What I don’t like about these is that it took me a long time to break them in at the back, and there was a little amount of irritation at the front due to the front of the apart rubbing on my ankles.

I think Nike Golf Shoes are always wonderful. I hope you enjoyed my personal Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoes Review.