Nike Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoes Review 2022

In this article I am going to do a Nike Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoes Review based on my experience trying them at the course.

Nike is known for making really great and strong golf shoes every year. Their shoes are well known in the golf world and today I am going to review one of the best shoes they every made.

Find out if they are good our bad for golf and decide if you should buy them.

Nike Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoes Review

These shoes deliver amazing durability but also make sure you always stay comfortable. These have a leather and synthetic upper with a really unique booty style construction around the collar.

They got that premium leather throughout the upper that is waterproof, it’s constructions will keep your feet nice and dry no matter what type of conditions you encounter.

These shoes have that Nike propulsion plate in there to really keep your feet nice and steady as your swing throughout your entire game.

It has that Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot that will give you some added push with your swing too.

They have some integrated grooves with spikes on the sides that will keep you nice and secure.

The shoe got a kind of soft look to it so it’s gonna hug your ankle like a sock and you lace up and you’re locked in tight ready to go.

The advantage of this will be that it is going to help prevent debris from making its way to the inside so it will be real comfortable leaning into environment.

It’s got a really thick midsole beneath all of that. It will give you shock absorption and comfort when you need it.

You have a heel counter back to give you a nice steady swing. It’s going to take your skills to the next level.

There are foam-backed synthetic rand cups that support the foot laterally, and an 8mm fit sole sock liner under the foot adds extra padding to the bottom side of the foot.

Because of all the standing and walking on a golf course, your feet can become uncomfortable and fatigued. This soft, foam feel will keep you comfortable during a lengthy game of golf.

Finally, the outsole is a hybrid design with built-in traction under the ball of the foot. Spikes that may be removed from the heel and sides of the shoe are also available. This is a pair of CHAMP Zarma Tour golf spikes with a twist and lock system.

The shoes are available in 4 different colors (black, white, brown and silver), and you can choose different sizes.

They weight around 4 Pounds and were first available in 2018.


In terms of style and technology, the Air Zoom does not disappoint. It’s designed by one of the world’s most well-known footwear brands, extending the company’s legacy even further.

Waterproof design, replaceable spikes for adaptability, and cushioning for additional comfort are all features of the Air Zoom Golf Shoes.

We recommend these shoes as a great option to enjoy your golf course.

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