How to wash golf hats? 4 Best Ways to do it

how to wash golf hats

Today I’m gonna teach you how to wash golf hats and how to wash golf hats in the dishwasher.

Golf hats aren’t only for show; they’re also useful for keeping the sun out of your eyes while you’re on the course. However, where there is sun, there is usually sweat.

Sweat and dirt will almost certainly discolor your golf hat over time. However, there’s no need to discard it just yet. A simple wash will bring it back to life and make it look clean and new.

We’ll go over the safest approach to clean your golf hat in this article. We’ll also talk about some additional options.

How to wash golf hats

  1. Fill the sink halfway with cold water. You’ll want to make sure the temperature is right for you.
  2. Add about a third of a cup of laundry detergent to the mix. If you don’t want to measure, you can estimate the amount.
  3. Examine the solution after removing the cap. Using the old toothbrush, scrub any filthy spots. This can be accomplished either in or out of the water.
  4. Hang the cap to dry naturally, which might take up to 24 hours. You can hasten the process by hanging the golf cap in the sun.

Things to know before you start cleaning your cap

It’s crucial to figure out what kind of cap you’re dealing with before you start cleaning. Most golf caps these days are made of cotton and are colorfast, so you can use the following approach with confidence.

It’s worth noting, however, that some older caps are not colorfast. To test this, use a little rag to smear a small bit of cleaner on the underside of your hat. If the rag picks up color, your cap isn’t colorfast, and you’ll need to avoid using any type of soap. However, if the rag comes away clean, you’re fine to go.

Why I wash my golf hats

Washing a golf hat is probably not among your top ten “to-do” lists, but you can get a half-dozen or so done in about ten minutes.

I, like many other golfers have a variety of golf hats — lightweight, conventional, sunscreen-protecting, and foam frontiers (a la Lee Trevino!) and even one with a fleece lining. Moreover, these hats are prone to become filthy quickly.

When utilized in the summer, they suffer the most harm. It develops that wonderful, grimy, yellow-sweat encrusted patina that you’re probably most familiar with (especially on the inside).

Although washing a golf hat is not normally high on my priority list, I usually make time to throw it in the washer and run it through all of the wash cycles. But it’s a big annoyance.

Then, lately, I saw approximately four dirty hats on a chair in the kitchen and decided to wash them in the sink right then and there. Seriously, it took less than 10 minutes and voila – a pair of (nearly) new hats. After that, I simply let them air dry outside.

The advantage of doing them in the sink is that you can use one of those stiffer soap brushes or even a sponge to spot-clean them (with abrasive back).

To spot-clean extremely challenging areas, you’ll need something like this. If you put it in the washing machine, you won’t get that focused cleaning.

I simply used the dishwashing solutions that we had on hand at the time. It produced a lovely lather, and with a little warm water, a crusty old golf cap was transformed into virtually new.

Another thing I dislike about the washing machine is that all that spinning and tumbling tends to degrade the structure of the hat, and if there are other items in the load, this can be exacerbated even further.

So, when you have a moment, throw some of your dirtier golf hats in the sink, with a nice brush (for spot cleaning), some soap (dishwashing liquid, whatever), and start cleaning. On the other side is a clean, nearly new golf hat that is far more comfortable to wear than the filthy, crusty old thing you currently wear.

How to wash golf hats in the dishwasher

how to wash golf hats in the dishwasher

You may have heard different opinions in golfing circles about whether or not a golf hat can be washed in the dishwasher. It is true that it is possible, but the results are frequently insufficient to justify the effort.

The cap must be placed on the top rack, which is the farthest point away from the machine’s heating element. Otherwise, your hat will be completely warped. In addition, the hat should be washed separately because you don’t want sweaty hat residue on your dishes.

Only cotton, jersey mesh, or blended polyester fabric caps will function in the dishwasher; any other type of cap should be avoided.

Use only non-bleach dishwashing detergents; bleach will ruin the color of your hat. Deactivate the hot dry option and use a cold water cycle. After the cycle is complete, reshape the hat before allowing it to dry. It is not possible to guarantee good results.

If you have some very tenacious sweat stains that refuse to come out with detergent, baking soda may be a better option.

In a small container, combine four tablespoons baking soda with warm water. Stir until the mixture becomes a paste. Then dab the paste onto the stain with a spoon. With a soft bristle brush, scrub the mixture into the stain.

How to clean a white golf hat

Cleaning white caps with yellow stains can be more difficult. Hydrogen peroxide, a potent bleaching chemical, is one option (use with caution).

Apply a few drops of peroxide to your hat’s spots and scrub gently with a soft bristle brush. Allow it to soak for about ten minutes before rinsing with cool water.

Using cool water and detergent to clean your golf hat is the safest and most reliable method. It only takes a few minutes and should be enough to get rid of all the perspiration and nasty stains on your hat.

You could wash it or even put it in the dishwasher, but you’d have to take a lot of care, and it’s not worth it.

How to clean a golf hat in the washing machine

Although it is not advised, you can clean your golf hat in the washing machine without completely damaging it.

To begin, double-check that your cap is colorfast and constructed of cotton, twill, or machine-washable polyester. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

It should only be washed on a cold, gentle cycle. Don’t use bleach, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the amount of detergent you use. Make sure it’s a gentle wash; if there’s too much fabric in the wash, your hat’s shape will suffer. It’s a good idea to keep the hat distinct from your other clothes by putting it in a garment bag.

My thoughts on washing golf hats

Because golf is an outdoor sport, a golf hat is nearly certain to get dusty after each use. I honestly believe that washing my golf hats is so much better than buying new ones. Yes, after using your golf hats for years and you can afford to buy new ones maybe you should do it. But washing our golf hats not only saves us money, it saves the world from more pollution too. I hope this article I put together gives you some ideas on how to wash golf hats without the need to go to a professional.