How to make any shoe a golf shoe (5 Things to Know)

make any shoe a golf shoe

What if you had a pair of sparkling, lucky sneakers on your feet? You begin to wonder how to make any shoe a golf shoe.

Do you have these shoes for a long time and have they brought you a lot of good fortune and wins in your life?

Good news for you: we can make those standard shoes you adore into fantastic golf shoes that will guarantee you a hole in one.

How to make any shoe a golf shoe

Having the best shoes, as in any sport, will offer you an advantage over the competition.

You need the best and most comfortable golf shoes for you since they give you with stability, balance, and flexibility during your vital and winning golf swing.

Your golf shoes, like the appropriate golf club that complements your power, technique, and ability level, should be capable of comfortably supporting you with every move you make.

It’s a lot of fun to have to turn your old sneakers, which are simply sitting in the corner of your bedroom, into new golf shoes.

But first, here are some things to keep in mind before converting your regular shoes to golf shoes.

1. The sole of the shoe must be flat and made of rubber.

Yes, your old, wonderful, and reliable sneakers must have a flat sole in order to be transformed.

This is to ensure that the cleats you’ll be installing are in the correct locations and aren’t at an angle.

It must also be composed of rubber, because no one wants to make a decent shot when their cleats are still on the grass, right?

2. It is preferable to dry the Shoegoo or adhesive before inserting the crampon so that it remains flexible.

If you want to glue them in instead of screwing them in, or if you just want to apply glue to them while they’re put in for a stronger grip, you’ll need the correct glue.

The best glue for gluing the cleats on your everyday shoes, which will soon be golf shoes, must be chosen carefully.

Not only will it keep your cleats in place, but the improper glue may cause you agony.

Because you’ll be moving around a lot when adjusting and swinging, the cleats required to be secure and flexible.

3. The air cushion is frequently built into the shoe’s sole, so keep that in mind.

Be wary of the air cushions and other incorporated components on your shoes, since you may not just be gluing the cleats on your old shoes.

Piercing the air cushion while wearing the sneaker will undoubtedly throw you off balance.

If you put the cleats on a soft surface, they can come off while you’re on your way to a hole in one.

We’re working on a golf shoe that will help you win this tournament. So, before you put the cleats on, examine what’s on the bottom of your shoe.

4. Typically, a shoe with up to 8 cleats is sufficient.

There is no such thing as too much. Four cleats on the front sole and four on the back will suffice.

Additional cleats will not provide you with more power or stability. Instead, it will cause you to gain weight and discomfort, which could throw you off your game.

If you have a little shoe, though, you can reduce the number of cleats. A 4 in the front and a 3 in the back should suffice.

Just don’t overdo it because too many cleats can make you uncomfortable and cause you to lose the game.

5. Always keep the cleats on your shoes.

The cleats were installed for a reason. It’s converting your old sneakers into a fantastic golf shoe that will lead you to a hole in one in no time.

When you use glue to remove the cleats, your old shoe will be broken. When you remove it after gluing, the cleats will be unavailable.

Otherwise, if you’ve decided to use the insertion hole, removing the cleats enlarges the hole, and the cleats must stay hooked, which necessitates having enough material.

When mounting the cleats, the soles must be at least 0.84 cm thick to avoid the crampon screw puncturing a hole and injuring your foot.

Because cleats with insertion holes will hold the cleats better than cleats with adhesive, it is advised that the cleats be installed on soles that are at least 0.84 cm wide.

It’s crucial to understand how to change sneakers into golf shoes. It’s to prevent the screws from going too far into the soles and puncturing your foot during golfing.

We need to design gold shoes that are both comfy and won’t hurt you.

The cleats are meant to stay in once they’re placed but they can be removed if desired. You’ll just be left with some small holes in the sole.

Materials needed to make any shoe a golf shoe

Regular Shoes

The most vital thing you’ll need are your regular shoes, of course. To attach the spikes, the shoes must have a flat, rubberized sole.

That will make it easier for you to convert your sneakers into golf shoes. Make sure it isn’t too worn out, because the screws may poke you in the foot.

Cleats or Golf Spikes

Apart from your good old sneakers, this is the second most significant material in this project. This will give your regular shoes traction and turn them into golf shoes.


To install the cleats on your ordinary shoes, use a small Philips screwdriver.


You should note the places of the cleats you’ll be installing so they don’t get lost. Any type of pen, including a marker, will suffice.


Glue will aid in securing the cleats in the sole. If you want to screw the cleats onto your ordinary shoes, that is an option.

Make any Shoe a Golf Shoe: STEP-BY-STEP

Now that you’ve studied everything there is to know about converting regular shoes to golf shoes and acquired all of the necessary components, it’s time to get started.

Let’s get started on transforming your everyday sneakers into eye-catching golf shoes.

Get your Regular Shoe

Make sure the sole is still intact and not completely worn out when learning how to change sneakers into golf shoes.

It’s also crucial that the sole is flat and rubber. It is preferable to have the sole cleaned before installing the cleats.

Laying out the cleats you will be installing

It will be easier to install them later if they are laid out beforehand.

Remember to place it in the shoe’s footprint. We don’t want them dangling down the side or in places where you’re likely to trip over them.

Which can be found on both the front and back soles. After you’ve laid them out on the sole, use a marker to mark the locations where you’ll be screwing the cleats in.

Now you have the marks on

Take the cleats and begin screwing them into the designated locations. Backpressure is beneficial, so place your hand inside the shoe and push it backward.

Slowly screw them in until you feel them pass through the sole. It’s finished as soon as the cleats are snug and secure in the sole.

Make careful you don’t screw them in too far or they’ll go through the sole and damage your foot.

Finish the steps on how to change regular shoes into golf shoes by installing the remaining cleats.

Final Tips

Make sure the screw can be put without touching your feet by checking the sole of your sneakers.

Shoes with thin soles should be avoided. Because carrying the cleats with the screws on them may not be enough, and it may cause you difficulty.

When learning how to change sneakers into golf shoes, this is a crucial step.

When learning how to change regular shoes into golf shoes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you have a flexible sole, such as a skate shoe, glue can help lock the cleats into place.

A glue that dries with a little elasticity is preferable to one that dries crisp.

Purchase additional cleats.

In the event that you misplace or lose some cleats on the track. You won’t have to rush to the store to replace your cleats.


That’s how you make any shoe a golf shoe. It’s not only that it’s flamboyant and fashionable.

It provides a more solid basis, greater flexibility, and adaptability across all terrains.

That’s all there is to it! Your old goodie ordinary shoe was turned into a superb, stylish golf shoe.

Now you can nail your hole in one while looking elegant and in charge on the course.