How to keep golf shoes waterproof (5 Easy Steps)

how to keep golf shoes waterproof

Nothing is more frustrating than playing a few rounds of golf and having water slosh beneath your feet; not only that, but your feet will be cold, affecting your overall game.

For that reason it’s vitally important that you learn how to keep golf shoes waterproof.

How to keep golf shoes waterproof

You’ll need to clean the shoes, then dry them before spraying them with a waterproof or water-resistant spray. We’ll break it down step by step in this guide.

Step 1: Get Your Waterproofing Equipment

To begin, you’ll require certain supplies. A clear fiber cloth, water, spray, and soap are all you’ll need. You’ll also need a waterproofing spray, which we recommend. This guide is designed for a leather golf shoe, therefore if you don’t have a leather golf shoe, you’ll need to select another guide.

Step 2: Clean Your Golf Shoe

Before we can make the golf shoe waterproof, we must first guarantee that it is clean. This will provide our waterproof spray a nice surface to adhere to; if we applied the spray first, the surface would not be suitable.

When washing the shoe, be careful not to get it too wet, as this could harm the surface. Instead, wet a cloth with water and start washing your shoe in small circular strokes to eliminate all the grime and dirt.

Step 3: Wait for The Shoe To Dry

This is a simple step! Allow your golf shoes to air dry. If you try to speed up the drying process by putting them in a heated spot, the leather may be damaged. Instead, practice patience and wait for the shoe to dry.

Step 4: Polish the Golf Shoe

It’s time to polish the golf shoes once they’ve dried. Use your regular leather polish to finish the job. Apply a generous amount of polish on your shoe and begin buffing it in small circular strokes.

A toothbrush and a little cloth are recommended. Before applying the waterproof spray, make sure your golf shoes are completely dry. This will provide you with a good surface to work with when applying the spray.

Before you polish your shoe, make sure you take off your laces.

Step 5: Use the Waterproof Spray

Last but not least, the golf shoe must be waterproofed. You’ll want to invest in a high-quality waterproofing spray. You can buy one of the ones we’ve recommended below. The spray will be in a small canister, and you should spray from roughly 30cm away to ensure even application.

Check the instructions to see how often you should waterproof your golf shoes; some sprays last longer than others once applied.

You may choose to coat the shoe with many coats; however, you must wait for each coat to dry before applying the next. You’ll have a better chance of keeping the shoes dry this way.

Do I need waterproof golf shoes

Golf shoes do not need to be waterproof because most shoes have some type of natural water protection. However, if you plan on playing during the winter, you might consider investing in a waterproof pair.

When playing golf, having cold feet might hinder your game, especially if they get numb. There’s plenty of technology out there to keep your feet dry, comfy, and stable, and you can choose from a wide range of styles to discover your favorite pair.

If you’re on a budget, it’s far better to buy a less expensive sneaker and spray it with waterproofing spray. You’ll probably save a lot of money and get fairly similar functionality.

The better your golf shoes are at keeping water out, the newer they are. If you have an old pair of shoes that are leaking, it could be worth trying the waterproof spray on them to see if you can get them to stop leaking.

Some golfers can’t decide whether they prefer the lighter mesh shoes that keep their feet cool and comfy or the heavier leather waterproof shoes.

By following the exact procedures in this guide and utilizing a water-resistant/waterproof spray, you can rewaterproof your golf shoes.

Fill your shoes with crumpled up paper towels, newspapers, or clean dry garments to speed up the drying process. It’s also a good idea not to leave the shoe in a cold, wet location like a garage; instead, let it dry at room temperature.

Maintaining the waterproof status of your golf shoes is similar to maintaining the waterproof status of conventional boots. It’s critical to apply the waterproof spray on a frequent basis and keep the leather dry in between golf sessions to prevent moisture from penetrating the shoe’s interior.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Golf Shoes

You may note that there are alternatives for both water-resistant and waterproof golf shoes when searching for golf shoes.

The waterproof golf shoes are the more expensive option, and they are designed to keep your feet dry in most situations.

Water-resistant golf shoes help keep water out of your shoes, but they can’t guarantee it.

The price difference between water-resistant and waterproof will be reflected in the final product.

If you play a lot of golf early in the morning, you’ll want to invest in a waterproof golf shoe.

This is the time of day when your feet are most likely to become wet while walking or playing golf.

If you exclusively play golf in dry weather, a water-resistant golf shoe should suffice.

Golf Shoes Waterproof Warranty

Some golf shoe manufacturers, such as Footjoy, offer a watertight guarantee on their products. This will only apply to their higher-end shoes, and it will aid in keeping the foot largely dry while golfing.

This is not considered typical conditions if you find yourself on the golf course during a tropical storm. Your feet will get a bit wet, and this is not due to the manufacturer’s fault.

If, on the other hand, you’re out playing early one morning and walk through some wet grass and your socks become drenched, you might be able to file a claim with Footjoy.


The one thing you need to remember on how to keep golf shoes waterproof is that before using any waterproof spray the shoe needs to always be clean.

If you’re unsure about the waterproofing spray to buy, make sure the material of your shoe matches the type of spray you’re considering.

Leather golf shoes should be treated with a leather waterproofing spray.