Footjoy Traditions vs Premiere (2023 Review)

footjoy traditions vs premiere

I possess both of these golf shoes. The Traditions are really comfortable, lightweight, and they perfectly fit my feet. Better for carrying and walking. The Traditions may be exactly what you need if you want traditional appearance and sneaker-style comfort. I got these in both the White and Brown hues since I enjoy them so much.

Even though the Premieres are made of better materials and workmanship, I do not feel them to be as comfy. Not to suggest they aren’t comfy, but I think the Traditions are among the coziest shoes I’ve ever worn. In terms of fit, this is extremely reminiscent of the old Icons and Classics, which I remember also having some minor heel slippage while walking but never affecting me while swinging.

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Footjoy Traditions vs Premiere Golf Shoes

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Footjoy Traditions Golf Shoes Review

I would say FJ Traditions is a very nice looking and tradition shoe. The leather is absolutely nice and comfortable to the grip. They are comfortable to the touch. I will admit that I anticipated them to be a little tougher. In fact, I was worried about that because often these kinds of classic shoes are a little rougher. I was concerned that they would be a little harsh or even create some blisters, but they felt incredibly soft instead.

The shoe slides on very easily and smoothly. They feel incredibly comfy when you’re walking because the laces are so lovely.

Something that I like a lot about these shoes is the spikes. I think even when they wear out you can replace them so that’s why I bought them too because I have some shoes where you can’t do anything to them. But with Traditions you can just take them out and remove after they’re worn out.

After playing with them I can say that they are really comfortable and had no issues after. No blisters, definitely. They felt really soft. Now what I can say is that there’s some dust in the shoes so it does trap some dust while golfing. I haven’t cleaned them after 18 holes. You can wipe it off with your finger or a cloth.

The Traditions have a nice grip so I never slip or anything like that. They feel pretty good even driving. I never took them off after the course.

I highly recommend these shoes if you like the stylish traditional look they have.

Footjoy Premiere

If you have these shoes you know they are made of chroma skin leather. As you can tell, the leather has a really great, noticeable grain. It is lavish and plush. To be honest, when I first received them, I didn’t believe they would be so nice but I was surprised for good. These are just super sick. I was like super beyond excited.

The shoe’s ortholite insole is incredibly cushiony. Tried them on the course and there wasn’t any heel slippage at all. The soft leather of the shoe kind of locks your foot in to the best of its ability.

I just like that these are kind of like low key dress shoes. They look like modern shoes but not really that modern. They have the FootJoy logo on the bottom and then it has the 1945 which signifies the year when FootJoy basically dominated the market and had the most shoes in golf.

The shoes are really nice, really plush and really luxurious. They legit go with everything.

I can state with certainty that the Premieres are far superior to the Traditions. In comparison to premieres, traditions seem cheap in person. Real leather and synthetic leather differ significantly from one another.

In spite of the fact that the premieres are excellent, the traditions are wonderful. The traditions might feel cozier at first, but after getting used to them, I find the premieres to fit me like a glove.

I experienced no issues with traction in dry weather with either shoe, but I did notice a little less stability with the traditional in any moisture.

Traditions vs Premiere Video Review

Final Words

I hope that after reading my review on Footjoy Traditions vs Premiere golf shoes, you are now able to choose between them and know which one is a better fit for you.

Always remember that what is better for me might not be better for you.