Can Golf Grips be Removed and Reused?

can golf grips be removed and reused

If the golf grips are in good shape and can be removed neatly without harming them, they can be removed and reused. Cutting off an old, damaged, or worn-out golf grip is the quickest way to get rid of it.

Sooner or later in your golf career you are faced with the task of changing golf grips. If you are wondering can golf grips be removed and reused, you came to the right place.

However, if you want to conserve and reuse the golf grip, there are a few ways to do so without damaging or degrading the material, allowing it to be recycled and utilized on future clubs.

I want to show you and describe how you can quickly and cleanly remove old grips and how new grips are mounted on the club without problems.

I have put together two methods for you: The manual method and the method with compressed air.

Change golf grips yourself – compressed air method

Changing grips – compressed airIn addition to the new grip, grip tape and solvent, you will need either a small compressor, or a standard air pump.

  1. Spray solvent into the hole of the old grip.
  2. Attach the hose to the top of the hole in the old handle.
  3. Hold the handle firmly and increase the air pressure (start the compressor or use the air pump).
  4. The handle should now inflate a little and then be quite easy to pull off. If it still sticks somewhere, spray solvent under the handle on the spot.
  5. Remove the remains of the old grip tape and clean the shaft.
  6. Carefully apply new grip tape.
  7. Spray the grip tape with solvent.
  8. Close the small hole at the end of the new grip and spray solvent into the opening at the top. Turn the handle so that the solvent is well distributed.
  9. Attach the air hose to the small hole of the new handle.
  10. Place the handle on the shaft and increase the air pressure. Hold the handle firmly and pull it down the shaft. If you do not hold the handle tightly, it will slip off the shaft again.
  11. Position and align grip correctly.
  12. Place golf club with handle down on a towel so that residual solvent can run out.
  13. Allow solvent to dry.
  14. Ready

How do you remove a golf grip without ruining it? The manual method

Pulling off old golf grips without damage, the Manual method – Sometimes it happens that you don’t want to damage the old grips.

For example, I pulled a thicker grip on my putter and the old still intact grip I pull on another putter.

So the conventional method of cutting off the grip with a sharp knife was out of the question. So here are the instructions without destroying the golf grips:

  1. You will need a knitting needle and solvent (acetone, or disinfectant spray).
  2. Carefully push the knitting needle under the rubber ring at the lower end of the grip and remove a 2-3 cm wide strip from the shaft.
  3. Now carefully spray the solvent at the loosened point between the handle and the shaft. Then push the knitting needle further under the handle and loosen it from the shaft all around.
  4. Continue with solvent and knitting needle until you have either loosened the handle completely and can pull it off, or loosen as far as you can with the knitting needle and start turning the loose handle part. Then you should be able to loosen even the stuck handle part from the shaft.
  5. Then just pull it off.
  6. The best thing to do now is to clean the handle from glue and handle remnants and wipe the remnants from the solvent before you put on a new handle.

Quickly and easily mount the new golf grip on the club shaft

When I changed the grip for the first time, I took a naive approach and tried to simply slide the new golf grips onto the shaft. 30 minutes later, not only did my hands hurt a lot, the grip was also crooked and crooked and still not quite on the club.

So now I have the tips on how you can quickly and easily pull a new grip onto the golf club:

  1. You need the new grip, the club, double-sided tape and window cleaner.
  2. Again, make sure the shaft is clean. Then tape a narrow strip lengthwise at the top of the shaft and further down where you want the grip to end. Important here is that you stick the tape only thinly, so that the handle still fits over it!
  3. Now spray the shaft and the tape with window cleaner. This makes it easier to pull the handle on.
  4. Also spray window cleaner into the new handle and shake it once so that the cleaner is well distributed inside.
  5. Now you can simply slide the handle onto the shaft. The cleaner makes it slide on quite easily.
  6. Now align the handle with the clubface and place the club upside down on a towel. This allows the remaining cleaner to run out. When the cleaner has dried or evaporated, the handle will be perfectly secure.
  7. When choosing the solvent or cleaner, make sure that it is not too harsh and does not attack the material.