4 Best Wedges to Carry in Golf Bag

best wedges to carry in golf bag

The wedge is an accessory that is not often used in golf. But it can be very useful for you at certain times, such as when you need to hit crucial shots from short range. It will sometimes help you get out of complicated golf situations if you choose the right model.

Due to their very delicate nature and special use, wedges should always be chosen with care and rigor. They are the mark of the best golfers.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we offer you in this article the different categories of golf wedges as well as their multiple characteristics. Find out the 4 best wedges to carry in golf bag.

1. Callaway Golf 2019 PM Grind Wedge

The PM Grind Wedge is a golf club produced by the Callaway brand. It is the result of a collaboration between designer Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland, a big name in Callaway manufacturing.

Its design is not just there to attract you. It was conceived and designed with the sole purpose of assisting its users in their activities.

The Groove-in-Groove offset technology allows for better positioning of the micro grooves. These are found at an angle of 20˚.

This technology has the effect of increasing spins on chips, pitches and lobs. With its offset and top toe, this club provides its users with better trajectory control at all levels.

The PM Grind Wedge is made from high quality components. It has a steel shaft, Lambkin UTX handle and a Platinum Chrome or TourGray finish. Steel is well known for its high strength.

Lambkin UTX gives the club flexibility and ease of use. The Platinum Chrome adds a refined touch and durability. So this golf club provides a number of impressive features.

However, it is not made for regular or professional use. It could lose its strength if it is overused. In addition, it takes a lot of practice to get the hang of it.

2. Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Men’s Wedge Shoes Satin Finish

The RTX 4 is a golf wedge designed by the Cleveland Golf brand. It offers a pretty high level of performance.

The face of this wedge features 4th generation Rotex technology. It makes the club’s grooves sharper, giving it a more aggressive milling action that can allow the club to generate much more speed.

This helps increase the number of rotations. The RTX 4 has a better progressive feel balance. You’ll be in perfect sync with this wedge.

The appearance and shape of the loft has been redesigned to consistently adjust the player’s center of gravity on the X and Y axes. The wedge also features a more refined heel, toe and edge, making it much more versatile.

The RTX 4 is a men’s golf wedge designed with quality materials. Its high-end Tour Satin finish makes it less flashy, but more practical and stable. In addition, the club is quite flexible and shock resistant.

Although this golf wedge is quite powerful, it requires enough patience to have an adequate level of control. In other words, its grip is still more or less delicate.

3. Wilson Women’s Golf Wedge

The WILSON brand presents its harmonized golf wedge for women. It exhibits a new, more innovative design in its harmonized wedges.

With its classic and original style, this wedge offers its users many more options when they are on the course. It features a Grind sole that gives players the ability to open up the clubface to keep it at a square angle.

This allows users to hit their shots with precision and accuracy. The wedge has aggressive grooves that essentially improve ball speed by triggering more spin.

This golf club has been manufactured with metal materials. The True temper steel set guarantees its owner greater performance and reliability.

Better still, steel is very well known for resisting various external factors and holding up very well over time. It is also available in a classic chrome finish.

The WILSON brand has certainly managed to offer us a quality product, but it is relatively heavy for a golf wedge dedicated to women.

4. Honma Tour World TW W4 Wedge for Men RH 58 degree Loft Dynamic Gold Rigid

Tour World TW W4 Wedge is a golf wedge designed by the Honma brand in Japan. It is an item that has been designed with the aim of making maximum use of its user’s abilities.

It is able to offer an exceptional level of performance and comfort, no matter if you are an amateur or a professional. The Wedges TW W4 offers better ball control.

It improves spin rate to increase the distance the ball can travel after a shot. The interaction between the turf and the sole is also more accentuated.

The TW W4 Wedges’ dual progressive sole provides you with openings that are perfectly suited to your game.

The TW W4 Wedges are made with NS Pro Modus 3 steel materials. This gives the wedge greater strength, a significant increase in hitting power and improved accuracy. In addition, they make the wedge durable and very comfortable.

While it has many positives, this wedge also has some flaws. It takes a lot of time for users to master it properly. But what interests us most about this club is the very attractive price compared to the competition.

What should I look for in a golf wedge?

There are several models of golf wedges. But what they all have in common is the loft. Loft is a term that refers to the inclination of the golf club head in relation to the shaft.

In some cases, it has a major impact on the final trajectory of your balls. If the loft is high, for example, it will allow you to get more accuracy on a short-distance shot.

On the other hand, a lower loft will carry the ball farther and with more speed. It is therefore a whole art and a whole technique that is worked on and mastered over time.

What is the main purpose of a golf wedge?

The golf wedge is a very special golf club. Its main role is to allow you to avoid obstacles by lifting your ball as high as possible.

It is also used for shots around the greens. It generally allows you to get out of bad postures, in circumstances where you must imperatively attempt complicated shots.

Nevertheless, it will only really benefit you if you choose the right model that is adapted to you in a wide range available for this purpose. Also, it will be necessary to take into account the good criteria of selection in this matter.

Gap Wedge, for more distance and as much quality.

With this model, it is possible to hit a distance of about 100 meters with a full swing. It is suitable for all types of greens and is easy to maneuver. It has a range between 50 and 54 degrees. It is especially helpful at any point on the course when you need a high club.

Lob Wedge, for higher levels.

This golf wedge can be a little more technical to use. If you are not really a professional player, you might not be able to enjoy it properly.

It allows you to mostly elevate your ball over large obstacles like sand boulders for example. Its lobbing capacity can be around 60 degrees. Generally, golfers carry several types of golf wedges to cover all eventualities.

The characteristics of a good golf wedge.

They are many and varied. A good golf wedge also has many features that make life easier for its user. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

The ability to bounce.

This is a very important concept in golf. The bounce of a golf wedge is a measure of how well the sole of the club stabilizes on the ground. The degree of bounce generally varies between 0 and 18 degrees.

Golf wedge grind.

This is a measure of how well you can position your golf club for precision shots. The angle of your swing will also be important.

Golf wedge grooves.

These are generally located on the faces and corners of the golf club. They simply provide a higher spin for the ball.