5 Best Golf Shorts For Sweat in 2023

best golf shorts for sweat

I’m lucky! My summer has consisted of one thing and one thing only: golf. I’ve thought about it, written about it, wrestled with it and, most recently, traveled to play it.

In my trip to play golf I came up with the idea to write about best golf shorts for sweat because I was finding it hard to play in hot weather without sweating.

Life is good for a golf writer in the summer. Really good when that golf writer’s August travel plans feature trips to play golf at Pinehurst and Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas, as mine did. I’ve taken a handful of brilliant and beautiful courses over the past few months, and in that time I’ve learned a few lessons.

  1. It’s important to stay hydrated. Like, critically important.
  2. There is nowhere wetter than North Carolina in August. Except for the Caribbean.
  3. It is possible to soak every part of your clothes in sweat. If your clothes don’t wick away moisture, it’s likely you will.

Because I love Golf and you know that because you are reading all my articles I write about it, you would think that I look like an athlete. You couldn’t be more wrong! I’m really not that fat either but I still consider myself to be one of those fat guys who love sports. This is the reason I’m always looking, trying and researching to find golf shorts for my big thighs.

This last lesson – the one about Shorts for sweat – has come under even more scrutiny since returning from these trips. Most of what I own could be considered “golf performance apparel,” the kind of clothing made from “performance fabrics” in an effort to keep you cool and in top shape.

But I quickly learned that “performance clothing” can very easily be “poor performance clothing” – items that pull you down, make you itchy and uncomfortable, and look terrible when flooded with sweat. Fortunately, not all of my clothes are poor performers. While some items struggled in the August sun, others shined.

Shorts, in particular, came under my watchful eye, and below, find five pairs I’ll be taking on all my road trips from the Sahara to Sandals.

Best Golf Shorts for Sweat

1. Chervo Giando 575

Chervo ranks right up there with the price of golf, and for good reason. Each of its products is designed by its founders, a pair of septuagenarian brothers from Italy, and made from the finest fabrics. Everything Chervo makes is high quality, including its beloved shorts.

Mid-season chino Bermuda shorts for men with a cotton feel. The polyamide yarn is ultra-stretchy and adaptable, while still allowing for breathability and freshness. The fabric enhances moisture-wicking characteristics, decreases drying periods, and protects the covered skin from the sun’s damaging rays thanks to the Dry Matic and Sunblock treatments. A sporty yet sophisticated style with welt back pockets and a two-button and zip fastening.

2. Billabong Men’s Crossfire Submersible Hybrid Shorts

Billabong is a surf company, but its Crossfire Submersible shorts are perfectly at home on the golf course. Among its best-selling products, these shorts are made from a breathable, flexible fabric that stays comfortable and cool even when covered in sweat.

The Crossfire Mid has been redesigned with a shorter, more modern length to provide the same land and water comfort as the original. The 4-way stretch pair, which looks like a classic chino short but performs like a boardshort, is a short/boardshort hybrid. This travel-ready short is equipped with micro repel coating to keep your pair lighter and drier for longer during the summer months.

3. Greyson Montauk Shorts

The Greyson Montauk is a four-way stretch technical woven pant with a premium satin finish, front seams and a slim fit. Slanted top pockets are located in the front for easy storage and a clean look.

These shorts are made from a technological blend of polyamide and elastane produced from the highest grade Italian fabric and give plenty of stretch and breathability. The Montauk short is antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, featuring Greyson’s trademark perforated camo pocket bags and sport waistband for enhanced comfort and mobility.

4. Lululemon Men’s Commission Short

There’s a reason Lululemon is the favorite draper for golfers in their 20s: they’re good. Really good, it turns out. Their Commission shorts will run you close to $100, but they’re also the most comfortable and versatile shorts you own. A commendable compromise for some.

Look no farther if you’re seeking for a pair of “khaki” shorts. They’re more comfortable and sweat-wicking than traditional cotton khaki shorts, and they don’t wrinkle, which is one of my pet peeves. Yes, they are more expensive, but they will serve you well for a long time. They’re well worth it, believe me.

These shorts are fantastic! The fit is ideal. The shorts were cut just above my knee, which I liked. They’re a perfect fit, and they’re incredibly comfy and long-lasting! I wear these to work almost every day and wash them frequently with no problems. They’ve held up incredibly well. I can’t wait to get them in all of the other colors! I highly recommended these pants for you if you are having trouble playing golf and sweating.

5. Dunning Hoxton

The Dunning Hoxton shorts are specifically designed for players. They offer a comfortable fit, comfortable weight and true performance. Performance features include ventilation for increased airflow, moisture management to remove perspiration from the skin, and 4-way stretch for comfort and freedom of movement. The shorts are designed with a waistband and player-specific pockets to carry small golf accessories and personal items. The durable polyester fabric is machine washable with little to no shrinkage. The polyester is also wrinkle-free, so you can spend less time ironing and more time playing.

When it comes to golf, comfort is quite important. Many golfers including myself in the list take use of every possible advantage to improve their game and performance. One of the most underappreciated components of golf is golf shorts. These shorts provide you the freedom to move around, which helps you improve your swing. In addition, you don’t want to be sweating through your jeans on hot days. Golf shorts are designed with a unique construction, material, and fabric to help you improve your game while being comfortable.

With that being said, I would be extremely happy if this article I wrote will be helpful for anyone who reads it and have sweat problems while golfing. I tried to include the best golf shorts for sweat I wore myself and found them extremely good. Of course, as I said many times people like me who enjoy golf like their clothes not only comfortability but classy too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric is in golf shorts?

Polyester is what most high-quality sportswear and team wear is constructed from. Polyester golf shorts have a nice sheen and lightweight in comparison to cotton.

Should golf shorts be above the knee?

When it comes to length, typically the rule is to find a pair that ends about an inch above the knee.

How tight should golf shorts be?

As a rule of thumb, tailored shorts should be worn with the hem no more than 4 inches above or below the knee.