Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet 2023

best golf shoes for flat feet

Most people who practice golf often forget the importance of golf shoes: an essential to practice this precision sport. They are supposed to bring you all the comfort and stability you need to best ensure your swing, while helping you to properly coordinate your movements.

We have sorted out the best golf shoes for flat feet on our buying guide, but if reading is not your ally, you can always fall back on the 2 top products that we present below.

The ecco 1520 hydromax ensures an excellent sweating system as well as a foolproof grip. As an alternative, you also have the Puma Sunny, a model of textile and lace-up shoe, which offers you a design that is both simple and elegant, all combined with high-precision comfort.

We do not wear the same shoes in golf, basketball or any other sport. Find through this comparison the criteria that will allow you to know how to choose the best golf shoes of 2023. This selection will save you time and money for your purchases.

1. Ecco 1520 Men’s Golf Casual Hybrid

The main positive point that we find in this model is the quality of its manufacturing materials that provide it with invaluable comfort and great robustness.

The robustness of this article has a negative point, since it involves special maintenance. Indeed, this can only be done by using specific products that are offered by the brand itself.

Although the maintenance of this model of cover is somewhat complex, it can still satisfy its users by its quality and the comfort it brings. For this, we give it a score of 9.9 out of 10.

Thanks to E-DTS hybrid technology, the outsoles of this pair of Ecco 1520 golf shoes offer 800 traction angles that allow you to adhere effectively regardless of the type of terrain. You will be able to play comfortably.

Its price is quite high but it is up to the high quality of the shoes.

This pair of Ecco Hybrid golf shoes features a versatile design and considerable comfort. It is one of the very high-quality products in its class with other advantages such as waterproofness and durability.

Quality materials

Are you looking for high-quality golf shoes? Why not opt for this model? Featuring a leather top, it has been designed to match the shape of the foot. For more comfort, a textile lining also equips it.

When you hit the ball on the golf course, you need a good pair to effectively hold the soles of your feet. And that’s what this equipment offers you. Note that this pair is also equipped with a TPU sole that makes it stronger. In this way, you will be able to keep it and use it even longer.

One of the advantages that deserve to be highlighted is the outsole. This one offers several traction nails that make the grip more efficient.

It is an excellent model especially in terms of value for money, because it allows to cope with frequent use without changing.

A very comfortable model

One of the greatest assets of this model is also the comfort it provides. And this feature is very important when playing sports. Indeed, this pair lets your feet breathe thanks to the quality materials with which it was made. Even if you play in high heat and with a lot of physical exertion, your feet will sweat little or not at all.

Best of all, when these shoes are in contact with your skin, you will feel a lot of softness thanks to their textile lining.

In addition, know that for more comfort, this model offers removable soles. This allows you to have more space for your feet, so more ventilation too. This will be the guarantee of better health for them.

Perfectly waterproof shoes

A golf course is not always dry. When it spits or during rainy seasons, it is quite possible that it will become wet and slippery. In these cases, the golfer must wear waterproof and waterproof shoes that will not let water penetrate, for more comfort.

This model is very appreciated for its great waterproofness. By wearing these shoes, you can play very well on wet grass. This feature allows you to have good support to better hit the ball.

In short, the quality of your shoes matters a lot to achieve a faultless course on a golf course.

2. Puma SUNNY

We consider it the best pair of golf shoes for women in the category of sturdy golf shoes, because it has a very beautiful design that suits women. But it’s not just a matter of look. Technically, this pair of Puma shoes is very powerful.

This pair of golf shoes is made with a leather top that promises long-term use of these shoes if you opt for them. Thanks to the height of heels of 1 centimeter, but also the leather top, these pairs of the Puma brand are water resistant and are therefore recommended for golf, because you are never far from wet grass in a golf course. The materials with which these shoes are made allow them to breathe well.

Thanks to the Quill technology of puma soles, this Puma Sunny offers excellent support on the green. Whatever the type of green, you are guaranteed to walk well and play with this pair of shoes. In addition, you should know that its outsoles are made of double gums that are durable over time and have a good tensile strength.

Do you want to find the best brand of golf shoes? Choose the Puma SUNNY 2 WNS-W. In addition, as it is perfectly adapted to women, it will allow the ladies to play golf while remaining coquettish.

A resolutely feminine design without abandoning the sporty side, this is one of the great strengths of this pair of Puma Sunny 2 WNS-W golf shoes. You can practice golf in all elegance and comfort with these shoes.

There is no choice when it comes to color. The model is offered in a single series of colors.

Those looking for comfortable and stylish golf shoes can turn to these. They are among the best quality and finishing women’s golf shoes in their class.

  • Robust
  • Comfortable
  • The material

3. Adidas 360 Traxion

If you do not know which children’s golf shoe to buy, then take inspiration from the Adidas 360 Traxion model that we present to you in this comparison. Indeed, the Adidas 360 Traxion are mixed golf shoes that are suitable for both girls and boys.

The difficult choice to decide on the model to choose according to the sex of your child does not arise. Thanks to its synthetic top material, this pair of shoes is easy to maintain and clean. Her comfort, she owes it to her textile lining and her synthetic insoles that prevent overheating of the feet as well as their strong sweating.

In order to maintain the comfort of your children’s feet, this pair of golf shoes has a lace-up closure system that is easy to tie. Your children will be able to practice their favorite sport at ease with these Adidas Traxion. This pair of golf shoes has good value for money while meeting the standards required of golf shoes.

If you are wondering which golf shoe to choose for your children, the 360 Traxion model from the Adidas brand can meet your expectations. Its design as well as its design can quite suit both girls and boys and provides them with all the comfort they need.

The Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoes offer children a very appreciable comfort during their golf course. The textile lining and synthetic soles offer better breathability to the feet and therefore they will not sweat too much.

Available sizes may not include some sizes for children.

In the category of children’s golf shoes, these are the best placed because they are unisex. In addition, this model offers a range of colors that give parents and children a choice.

  • The quality of the material
  • Mixed look
  • Size

4. Callaway Chev Comfort

Whether you play golf or want to wear sports shoes for a sportier look, choose the Callaway Chev Comfort for its unparalleled comfort, but also its great elegance. The model is available in different colors as elegant as each other. The choice of size is also quite wide for adults and young people. Its top is made with leather and its lining made of textile.

This combination makes it possible to bring a great comfort of use and wearing to each person. Thanks to its synthetic insole, your feet will be well maintained and will not suffer during your day of golf.

The set of soles offers permanent traction beneficial to your feet. Thanks to its laces closures, its elegant sporty look is confirmed. Finally, it should be added that Callaway golf shoes are part of the pairs of cheap golf shoes in this selection.

Need to find the cheapest pair of golf shoes, but one that can provide you with all the necessary comfort? Pay attention to the Callaway Chev Comfort. Its design, materials and design can seduce you.

  • The material
  • Design
  • The price
  • Waterproofing

5. Nike 704427

Also in the category of golf shoes for men, we offer you the cheap Lunar Command model from the Nike brand. This pair of golf shoes is probably the one whose choice of colors is very wide and even incorporates models with brighter colors. If you’re looking for more modern and contemporary shoe designs, these will probably make you happy, because their design comes very close to it.

Its top as well as the sole material are synthetic with a textile lining. This combination is ideal to give greater breathability of the shoes and avoid strong sweats in full practice. Thanks to its self-locking laces, you will more easily lace your laces without the risk that they will fall apart during your journey and therefore that they come to disturb you.

You won’t waste time relacing your shoes. The set of features of the Nike 704427 make them very light and high-performance golf shoes designated for the activity of the golf in question.

Are you looking for the best performing golf shoe? Feel free to study all the features of the Nike 704427. This shoe is mainly made with a rubber sole, a synthetic top and a textile lining.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Size

6. Ecco 1520

Those who are looking to find out which are the best golf shoes on the market can choose the men’s model from the Ecco brand. Its all-purpose design allows it to be worn both for golf and on a daily basis. Thanks to its leather top as well as its textile lining, this pair of Ecco golf shoes is very comfortable for the feet. It effectively holds the feet and will take you through the 18 holes without any particular difficulty.

In addition, its synthetic or natural materials do not cause abundant sweating of the feet. Thanks to the E-DTS hybrid technology, the outsole is able to offer 800 traction angles that allow for effective adhesion. Comfort is therefore present both inside and outside when walking.

In order to be durable over time and cope with frequent use, the manufacturer used a TPU sole with a hundred molded pull-up bars to make it a product, more durable than rubber. Being waterproof, this pair of Ecco Hybrid shoes does not let water through. This tightness is very appreciable when you play on a wet grass field for example. In addition, its soles are removable in order to be able to give an additional width for your feet.

It is not uncommon to hesitate in the choice of a golf shoe and one often wonders where to buy the best quality golf shoe. The Ecco 1520 pair may be suitable for you if you need a shoe that can be worn for other occasions than golf.

  • The design
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance

How to choose good golf shoes?

In golf, shoes are the most important equipment right after the club. Note that on an 18-hole course, a golfer can travel up to ten kilometers. It is therefore imperative that he is well in his shoes. If you need advice on buying good golf shoes, you’ve come to the right place. We reveal everything about our price comparator. The three features that you need to pay attention to when choosing are the types, weight and tightness of golf shoes.

You can also read our full guide on How to choose the right golf shoes.


Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned practitioner, you may be wondering how to buy golf shoes that are better value for money. Before you set your choice on a specific model or brand, you must first look at the types of shoes.

If you only practice golf on an ad hoc basis, the ideal is to sit for versatile shoes that you can put on on every day. These shoes will not harm your performance, rubber cleats will help you stabilize your swing.

On the other hand, if golf is your favorite sport and you practice it several times a month, it would be better to opt for studded shoes in the shape of a tooth wheel. Prefer shoes with soft cleats, as they are allowed on most greens. Shoes with removable studs are also recommended, they will save you from buying a pair of new shoes whenever a spike has detached from the sole.

The weight of shoes

Keep in mind that during a round of golf, you will probably travel several kilometers in a day. Our buying guide for the best golf shoes offers you to choose rather light shoes. If the weather is not very mild on the day of the game, it will take a few extra grams in the shoes because of the accumulation of grass and soil on the crampons. By dragging your feet, you will quickly get tired and it will harm your swing.

The material of the sole differs depending on the models and brands. It is wise to ask what it is made of, because if the sole is too rigid, it may impact the excellence of the movement.


Golf courses are sometimes wet and muddy. People who are used to playing at dawn know that too well, the green is very humid in the morning. Golf shoes that keep the feet dry are not a luxury, since most brands have taken care to make well-waterproof. When the feet remain stable in the shoes, the swing is practically successful.

After combing through all these basic features, now is the time to move on to the most important question: “where to buy new golf shoes”? The feet tend to swell by walking, which is why the choice of golf shoes must be given enormous importance.

How to use golf shoes?

As it is de rigueur to wear shoes suitable for golf on a golf course during a game, the player should invest even a little in the maintenance of these to keep them as long as possible. Besides, your game and your swing depend on it.

Never wear golf shoes for days in a row

As waterproof as they are and no matter how much they wick away from perspiration, your shoes still need a minimum of 24 hours to recover from your round of golf. If they don’t dry properly, you may not feel comfortable in them the next time you use them. Expose them to the open air and not on a radiator. Some pair, although equipped with E-DTS hybrid technology avoiding excessive sweating, is no exception to the rule.

Use a shoehorn to maintain heel shape

If the buttress of your heel crashes, it may handicap you during your play. After cleaning and drying your shoes, place a shoehorn in them, before storing them in the cabinet.

Regularly inspect your golf shoes

Keeping a constant eye on the shoes avoids unpleasant surprises during a game. Best of all, it allows you to detect the problem early and saves you from having to pay for a new pair.

Determine when it’s time to replace your shoes

For the sake of money, one may be tempted to continue the road with a totally worn pair. Only, when it no longer offers you the support, nor the comfort of yesteryear, it may affect your game, worse your health.

Repair minor damage yourself

For a detached sole, undone seams in certain places or a piece of the shoe detached and likely to hinder you during your game games, you can very well do it alone. You will scratch a few euros on the shoemaker’s note.

Perform routine cleaning of shoes in general

Take a soft cloth, which you will have barely soaked in a cleaning solution and a few drops of ammonia. First get rid of the biggest dirt: grass, earth, dust, chewing gum that would have stuck to the sole. Rinse and dry.

Repair the sole

If the sole has partially or completely detached as an example, after cleaning it, apply special glue where it should stick to the shoe and then press hard to make it adhere. Let it dry.

Bring at least two pairs of shoes

This is essential especially if you are often surprised by the rain. Give the first pair time to dry by adopting at least a second if you have to chain the golf games. This also applies to robust models whose top is made of resistant leather. Certainly, this material ensures the pair to keep its appearance of the first days a good time, but we are never too careful.

Best golf shoes for flat feet: FAQs

Can you play golf with flat feet?

Poor foot posture can impact the golf swing and increase the risk of overuse injury. For instance, people with flat feet experience uneven distribution of weight, which adds more stress on the ankles, knees, hips, and the lower back.

What shoes should I buy if I have flat feet?

Most experts agree that wearing shoes with a supportive sole is best for flat feet. Look for a shoe with a firm but cushioned insole to support the surface of your foot. The sole of the shoe should be flexible but not floppy. It should move with your foot and provide support while you walk or stand.