Best Golf Shoes 2023

Best Golf Shoes

Any golf player knows that his shoes are one of the essential pieces of equipment for his game. Easily recognizable through their refined look, these are primarily designed for performance, but how to choose them?

The process can be frustrating at times, so use this comparison guide to the best golf shoes to save time. In a logic of consumer protection, our comparison data is largely inspired by user tests and opinions, reported on the consumer portal.

Best Golf Shoes

Above all, you must think about what your shoes will bring to your game. This is why our comparison offers you a selection of the best models of products that will make you feel comfortable.

1. Ecco Biom Hybrid 3

This golf shoe has a specially nice design and is very comfortable. In addition to its impressive quality which makes it one of the best high-end equipment, it is light and well enveloping.

The construction incorporates optimized waterproofing, combined with Gore-Tex waterproof technology that protects the player’s feet from moisture and rain. The crafted leather exterior, the padded insole is made of antimicrobial material that provides excellent protection for your feet.

The Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 shoe also features a BOA wearing system that ensures its quick fit. For comparison, it should be noted that these shoes have a higher or lower cost. In fact, it all depends on your budget and the investment you are willing to make.

  • Shoes using the latest anatomical technology.
  • Extremely reliable for increased durability.
  • Superior performance.
  • High cost.

2. Callaway Chev Mulligan

Uniquely designed, this beautiful pair of golf shoes from Callaway is a masterpiece of modern and attractive design. Made of light leather, it offers an irreproachable waterproofness.

This seal, which brings you great comfort in adverse weather conditions, is distinguished by perfect resistance to water and humidity.

One of the best features of the Callaway Chev Mulligan model is its flexible rubber sole equipped with ratio lugs, which offers great movement control and superb agility to the player. In terms of comparative choice, this model is one of the best currently available.

  • Shoes equipped with a membrane that is both breathable and waterproof.
  • Presence of safety clips that provide better traction.
  • Sole technology promotes optimal player comfort.
  • Model only reserved for men.

3. Nike Lunar Control Steam 2

The very famous brand Nike is well known for its best sports equipment. This comparison offers you its model of high quality Nike Lunar Control Steam 2 golf shoes, made of synthetic materials.

On the design side, it is a shoe that aesthetically combines the traditional with the modern. The sole features a grippy tread that provides better grip and stability during play.

The upper of this model is made of light and softening fiber. You will like its ergonomic ankle which will allow you a natural rest in a standing position. A perfect fit of the shoe on your feet is made possible by a lace closure. The Nike Lunar Control Steam 2 is available in different color combinations and in all men’s shoe sizes.

  • Provides exceptional grip.
  • Optimal waterproofing that keeps your feet dry.
  • Expensive shoes for its range, according to some comparative reviews.

The advantages and disadvantages described in customer reviews

Our goal in presenting the advantages and disadvantages reported in customer reviews is to facilitate the orientation of your choice. It is therefore without restriction that our editorial team has gathered the various user opinions on the strengths and weaknesses observed on several brands of golf shoes.


  • The best golf shoes provide a sporty and athletic look.
  • They are designed to tackle all terrains and course conditions.
  • An anatomical design promotes a perfect fit.
  • Shoes equipped with Boost foam which absorbs effort when walking.
  • High-quality leather provides the shoes with exceptional durability and waterproofness.
  • For dynamic control, there are references with independent flexibility.
  • Top-of-the-range models feature dual-density soles, for maximum grip in all conditions.
  • These shoes are available in various looks and colors.
  • Hybrid golf shoes have better durability.
  • The premium models are incredibly light and comfortable.


  • Some shoes lack grip on turf.
  • Shoes with rubber soles do not offer good stability.
  • Some golf shoes are not 100% waterproof.
  • Shoe prices are high.
  • Shoes with plastic spikes wear out quickly.
  • It is necessary to choose certain shoes with a size smaller for a better comfort.
  • Some pairs of golf shoes present some problems for allergy sufferers.
  • Some ranges of leather shoes require special maintenance to preserve their longevity.
  • There are shoes that produce a lot of heat when riding in dry weather.
  • Over time, some golf shoes lose their flexibility and comfort.

This is how golf shoes are tested

According to the opinions of professionals, there are multiple criteria and tests for choosing the best pair of golf shoes.

The material

According to comparative customer reviews, leather golf shoes require attention and sustained maintenance.

Leather is however the material par excellence, breathable, waterproof and specific to guarantee the longevity of your shoes. Synthetic materials are very easy to maintain. It is a better choice for those who rely on practicality and economy.


Mud, wet grass, dew , rain, etc. are all elements that will punctuate your golf course. To keep your feet dry, we recommend through this comparison the choice of waterproof shoes.

The hook

Stability will be the determining factor in optimizing your movements, making them constant and firm. With a good grip, you will be able to maintain the integrity of your joints and prevent falls and injuries. Your shoes should therefore vary depending on the type of terrain.

On a dry course, choose a pair of versatile or pivoting golf shoes. On a wet course, have the reflex to choose models with crampons for more comfort.


The slightest discomfort in your golf shoes may increase during your round and alter your swing. Thus, comfort is particularly taken into account during comparative tests. This involves trying on the shoes to detect any discomfort before buying.

Why trust us?

To make the comparison of our products, we rely largely on a participatory evaluation taking into account customers who have already purchased a product, and more advanced tests. We pay particular attention to the models we put forward, and we choose them completely independently.

What are golf shoes?

Golf is a fairway sport that requires the player to stand for long hours. It is therefore important that he is well in his shoes.

Golf shoes are the accessory that provides him with all the comfort and balance necessary to promote his swing, while allowing him to gain stability.

The conformity tests carried out on these shoes must show their particularity in having all the performance elements supposed to lead the player to the realization of the different postures used during his golf course.

Information on the 7 main manufacturers and brands

In this comparison, we reveal a selection of the best brands of golf shoes 2023, which offer excellent value for money.


We consider it to be one of the best brands of golf shoes, based on the information and opinions gathered during the writing of this comparison. Robustly made, Puma shoes have a beautiful design that particularly suits the fairer sex. They are technically at the top, covered with a leather upper that promotes long-term use.


Whether you want to evolve in a “sporty” or “classic” look, Callaway brand golf shoes offer you their unequaled comfort and great elegance. The choice of sizes is quite wide for both adults and young people. The particularity of this manufacturer lies in its synthetic material soles which provide beneficial traction for your feet. Above all, remember that Callaway shoes are among the cheapest ranges on the market.


The main positive point that we note on the models of golf shoes of the Ecco brand is the best quality of its materials. A highly important feature when playing a sport like golf. Indeed, the brand’s models promote ventilation of the feet thanks to the innovation brought to their synthetic leather. With their textile lining, you feel a permanent softness once the shoes are on.


This brand of golf shoes is certainly the one whose choice of ranges is the widest and most varied, even incorporating personalized models. If you prefer very modern and contemporary shoe designs, the manufacturer Nike will certainly make you happy, because its expertise lends itself completely to this.


If you are wondering which golf shoes to choose to combine comfort and performance, this comparison will draw your attention to the different models of the giant Adidas. They meet all expectations according to user reviews. Their design and design are suitable for both men and women. Light and flexible shoes in which the player feels perfectly comfortable, while enjoying easy movement regardless of the duration of the course.


While most OEMs strive to perpetuate a look inspired by traditional design, the Japanese brand Mizuno opts for futuristic golf shoes with a trendy and elegant look. However, this does not prevent it from offering them with a sober design. Its models are distinguished by the originality of their sole, the flexibility noted on the sides and the top of the shoes. There are references for men and women, equipped with studs, with better value for money.


It is recognized as a brand in search of constant innovation. Giving golfers the ability to wear shoes that are both comfortable and perform well to enjoy the practice of golf has been what has driven FootJoy for decades. To do this, it continues to improve the perception of its equipment by offering models with a unique design. As a result, the brand is perceived today as an authentic manufacturer focused on originality.

How do golf shoes work?

There are pairs of shoes specifically designed for golfers. These are usually made with a synthetic upper, rubber sole and textile lining. To play their role well, the best golf shoes must harmoniously combine three factors: type, weight and waterproofness.

Because on the fairways , during a course, you will evolve on wet, slippery or sloping ground. These shoes are also equipped with spikes that provide stability and support for the body throughout the golf swings.

Indeed, a good anchoring of the foot to the ground is essential, particularly for the pivoting of the forefoot and the strengthening of the rearfoot. Thus, before fixing your choice on a brand or model, this comparison suggests that you first look at the type of shoe.

What types of golf shoes are there?

As a beginner or amateur of the game of golf, our comparison is written to guide you towards the type of shoes that will best meet your expectations. You can also read our guide on The Best Golf Shoes for Amateur Golfers.

Versatile shoes

They are mainly designed for beginners. They are also equipment suitable for training sessions on dry land or for a driving range.

The bottom soles are equipped with pimples (small rubber studs) directly incorporated. These lightweight yet sturdy shoes can be worn off the golf course.

  • Best quality price report.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Very limited maneuverability.

The cleated shoes

Spiked golf shoes are for players who have made this game their favorite sport. They quickly become an essential when playing regularly. They are equipped with small toothed structures often attached to the sole. There are on average seven or eight gear wheels, each having about six teeth.

There are models with nail studs and models with soft studs. Prefer the latter which are authorized on most courses. Spikes are sometimes prohibited on certain terrains.

Our comparison also recommends shoes with removable cleats that prevent you from buying a new pair each time a cleat comes off the sole.

  • Model of shoes with multiple choices.
  • Adapted to different types of terrain.
  • They are ventilated, robust and shock-absorbing.
  • Not usable outside of a golf course.

Whatever the type of shoe (versatile or with studs), the different models are aimed at both men and women.

What should you look out for when buying a pair of golf shoes?

At the level of the crampon pairs, the distribution of the latter may differ. It will be a question of investing in models with studs which will help you gain stability.

Regarding the material, leather models are more expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, we certify in this comparison that leather remains the best choice in terms of waterproofing and breathability. It also offers a good lifespan if you maintain it properly.

Be sure to choose the sole of your shoes carefully so that it can provide the right balance during your swings.

Alternatives to Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are specialized equipment that every golfer should have. It would be a mistake to believe that any athletic shoe will suffice. Through this comparison, we have revealed to you that they incorporate technologies that are closely adapted to the game of golf.

But failing that, shoes that have approximately the same characteristics are those recommended for professional soccer players. These ergonomic and light shoes, with crampons and a well-designed sole, are an ideal alternative.

Where should I buy my golf shoes?

There is no need to leave your home to find the best pair of golf shoes suited to your expectations! The best is to browse a few online sites to find your happiness!

The best offers are concentrated there! You will find the main brands mentioned in this comparison. Of course, with the possibility of discounts and fast and free delivery. As such, the Amazon platform offers you a huge choice of models at the most competitive prices on the market.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to consult different opinions and comparative tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wear golf shoes?

Golf is played on uneven terrain, sometimes wet, and over long courses. The choice of footwear is just as important as clubs and balls.

Should you choose a soft or firmer shoe?

A soft shoe will be more comfortable. Firmer, it will appear more stable to you. The choice is to be made according to your sensations and your endurance.

What is the role of golf shoe soles?

The care taken in the manufacture of these shoes is rewarded with very good soles which allow their use off the pitch.

Do golf shoes really make a difference?

Golf shoes are absolutely worth it. While they can cost more than regular runners, their spiked soles give you significantly more grip on the course.