Best Golf Push Cart Under $200

Best golf push cart under $200

A golf cart is an accessory that any self-respecting golfer must carry with him, of course to put his various equipment (clubs, balls, tees, towels, etc.). Seen in this light, one might be tempted to argue that any golf cart could be suitable.

Still, there are a number of features to consider, to have the best golf cart. Because we must not forget that you will have to carry this cart with you before, during the whole event, and after. To help you in your choice, we have made a buying guide and a comparison.

But as a short story, here are already 2 products among the best golf carts on the list: the Charles Bentley GT.07/WHT, an electric golf cart with autopilot system, and the Longridge TREZB, a good alternative in the category of models without an electric motor.

An essential accessory for transporting golf clubs, a trolley must always accompany fans of this sport. Carrying the bag, circulating on the course, the golf cart must meet certain criteria. To choose one, you are invited to discover this comparison presenting the most popular golf carts of the moment. We have created a list for you to find the best golf push cart under $200.

Best Golf Push Cart Under $200

1. Charles Bentley GT.07/WHT

Golfing has never been so easy and fun with this electric golf cart. With remarkable ergonomics, it is equipped with a T-shaped sleeve to allow the player to push it easily. During the game, this electric model can move autonomously thanks to its integrated navigation mode. This way, you won’t have to pick up your golf clubs, because they will come to you.

In terms of performance, this trolley incorporates a 200 W motor thanks to which it can reach a maximum speed of 8 km per hour. It operates using a 12 V rechargeable battery with an autonomy equal to 36 rounds. The battery needs to be charged for about 8-10 hours.

For the question of robustness, this cart is made of anodized aluminum, a material that is known for its ability to resist rust and corrosion.

In addition, it is light while being robust to facilitate its handling and guarantee its longevity. Even though this golf cart looks a bit bulky, it is a foldable piece of equipment that takes up very little space for storage. It comes with battery, cable, charger and storage bag.

You can direct your choice to the Charles Bentley GT.07/WHT golf cart if you want to buy one that performs best. It can satisfy you, whether technically, ergonomically or aesthetically.

The Charles Bentley GT.07/WHT’s autopilot over 10, 20 or 30 meters is the preferred feature of users of this model. In addition, its storage is very easy since this trolley is completely foldable.

The battery of this model is quite heavy. Purchase of an adapter is required as it does not ship with the rest of the product. Despite this, the Charles Bentley GT.07/WHT remains a favorite among buyers. Hence the score of 9.8 out of 10.

Satisfactory performance

A golf cart can only meet the expectations of lovers of this activity if it really performs. Fortunately, this model has repeatedly proven to current users that it is quite reliable. It works with a 200 W motor. Its maximum speed reaches 8 km per hour. It is quite adequate during your usual routes.

To operate, this equipment is powered by a 12 V battery. Of course, it is fully rechargeable. Its autonomy is very high. It is equivalent to 36 laps. You can therefore move freely to recover your balls, without fear of not having enough energy in the battery. The recharging time of the latter is 8 to 10 hours. A completely normal duration given the autonomy made available thereafter.

Easy to use

The ease of use of this model is manifested a priori by the possibility of automatic driving. This can be done over 10m, 20m or 30m. The trolley moves on its own so you can retrieve your golf clubs, without difficulty. This integrated navigation is also the main positive point of this model. Let’s be clear, the trolley moves completely independently.

Then, this product is ahead of its peers thanks to its ergonomics. Thanks to its T-handle, the golfer will have no trouble pushing the trolley. Maneuverability, speed and efficiency are all there. Especially since it is a lightweight model. Take it wherever you want, to your favorite golf venues. Foldable, this equipment can easily be stored in your car.

A good quality

Charles Bentley GT.07/WHT charms buyers with its elegance and electric operation. But that’s not all, quality is also one of the selection criteria. Designed in anodized aluminum, it is qualified as ultra resistant. Over time, you will observe that rust and corrosion have no impact on the product. This gives it a long lifespan. You will be able to use it for years, without its performance decreasing.

The anodized aluminum also makes the trolley very sturdy. It has been shaped to withstand the external hazards that could occur within a golf course. It is therefore not a question here of the type of material which is damaged after a few weeks. As a guarantee of product reliability, the manufacturers deliver the following components with the trolley: battery, cable, charger and storage bag.

The Charles Bentley GT.07/WHT electric golf trolley can be driven automatically and can move independently at a distance of 10 m, 20 m or 30 m. Being able to be folded, it can be stored easily to leave more space when traveling by car.

As the Bentley GT.07/WHT golf trolley is electric, it has a battery with a very good autonomy, but a little heavy. It is also necessary to provide an adapter which is not included in the product.

The Bentley GT.07/WHT electric golf cart is arguably the best cart in the selection. In addition to being automatic, it has a good autonomy of 8 to 10 hours to accompany you during your 18-hole courses.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Autopilot system
  • Quality material
  • The wheels

2. Longridge Unisex Adult Eze Glider Golf Cart

Make your golf course a breeze with this cart that combines the latest in technology to make your job easier. First of all, there is the Cruiser Eze Glide navigation mode which translates into great fluidity of movement of this equipment which has everything to be recognized as the best golf cart of the moment.

Such a performance is mainly due to these 10” True Glide ball bearings which give it great mobility even on muddy terrain.

For the comfort of the user, this model has an ergonomic design that guarantees ease of pushing. Indeed, it is equipped with an adjustable handle according to the height of the pusher. On the other hand, the L-shape of the base allows a simple and stable attachment for the bag. To keep the structure stable on sloping ground, a braking system accompanies the wheels to completely immobilize this golf cart.

For durability, this model is designed with sturdy, yet lightweight metal materials that give it great sturdiness.

Which golf cart to choose? If you appreciate quality products, the Longridge TREZB may appeal to you. Its structure, manufacturing materials and design aim to provide its purchaser with optimized use.

The Longridge TREZB is a simple to fold and unfold three wheel golf cart. You can do it in less than 5 seconds. Robust, its frame is resistant. This inexpensive trolley is easy to push and has a brake pedal.

The Longridge TREZB golf cart lacks an arm locking system after folding. However, this remains a minor detail given its reliability.

Easy to assemble, the cheapest of our offers and solid, the Longridge TREZB golf trolley is ideal for both professional and amateur golfers. In addition, with its well-studied design, it is easy to push.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable hook
  • The folded size

3. Masters 1 Series Chariot

Enthusiasts of this sporting discipline are still wondering how to choose the best golf carts of 2022. For our part, we recommend that you focus on three main criteria: robustness, ease of use and practicality. Qualities found in this Masters golf cart.

Designed with high quality metal materials, this golf cart is made to last. In addition to being resistant to shocks and sudden movements, the metal used for this model is more resistant to rust and corrosion. All these features prove that this trolley will accompany your golf courses for many years.

In terms of use, it has a slender, slightly inclined base that allows you to quickly and easily attach your golf bag. Since it is a basic model, it should be used on a ground in good condition or opt for a surplus of fixation for the bag.

From a practical point of view, know that this is a foldable golf cart that will inevitably make your job easier. Its folded dimensions allow it to slip discreetly into the trunk of your car or into a small corner of your closet.

If you are curious about what can be the cheaper, but high-performance golf cart, you can turn to the Masters TRP0013B. We offer an overview of its characteristics to help you make your choice.

The Masters TRP0013B is a lightweight, half-folding golf cart. With only two wheels, it does not take up much space in the trunk of your car. Moreover, it is easy to use.

Some users criticize the Masters TRP0013B golf cart for its tendency to turn during the course due to lack of good support. Nevertheless, it remains efficient, easy to wear and simple to store.

The Masters TRP0013B is a golf cart that offers excellent value for money among our products. Easy to fold and not bulky, it allows you to carry your golf bag comfortably.

  • Robust design
  • Easy to store
  • Practice
  • Simple design

4. Golfers Club TR01

It’s not always obvious which is the best golf cart on the market right now. In any case, those who have asked themselves this question are interested in this model which will make your golf games even more fun.

The first criterion that attracts attention with this golf cart concerns its robustness. It is designed mainly with aluminum which is a material known for its lightness as well as its ability to resist rust and corrosion. These characteristics guarantee that this golf cart will last well over time.

On the other hand, it is a very practical piece of equipment that considerably facilitates the task of its user. The bag attachment system is simple, stable and does not require any special fittings. Also, there are specific slots for scorecards, balls, and a cup.

However, the main feature of this golf cart is that it has removable wheels for easy storage.

Where to buy the best golf cart? The features of the Golfers Club Easiglide can meet your requirements if you need one that is robust, efficient and ergonomic.

  • Light
  • Robust
  • The card holder

5. Trolem One Lock

Here is a 3-wheel golf cart that will follow you perfectly during your rounds of golf. It is full of interesting features that make it a product suited to the needs of a golf professional.

In order to circulate on any type of terrain, the manufacturer has relied on hyper-resistant puncture-proof wheels that will last for many years. These wheels are essentially made of ball bearings which guarantee greater fluidity of movement. In the event of a stop on sloping ground, a unique braking mechanism immobilizes the structure.

In addition to carrying the bag of your golf clubs, you can attach your scorecard as well as a cup. This model also has a storage pocket for an umbrella and another for your phones, tissues, etc.

From a practical point of view, this golf trolley embodies the revolution in its field. Indeed, its folding and unfolding system is done in just one second. In addition, its folded dimensions allow it to slip discreetly into the trunk of your car.

As Trolem can be considered a better brand of golf carts, buying the Trolem One Lock is still a very good investment if you are planning to acquire one. And its features will convince you.

  • Button folding
  • Puncture-proof wheels
  • The weight

How to choose a good golf cart?

Essential equipment to accompany you on a golf course, the trolley is very useful for its practical and functional side. Through this buying guide for the best golf carts, we will present the main elements to check to choose a model that will perfectly meet your needs.

The type

Our first tips on the steps that precede the purchase of a golf cart relate to the type of model you are interested in. This element determines the level of comfort offered by the equipment and its practicality. First, there are golf carts with 2 wheels that were designed to be pulled with one hand behind you. Given its use, this first type of equipment stands out for its lightness and maneuverability to make your job easier during your journey. If you are more of a pusher than a puller, opt for golf carts with 3 wheels.

Those with less developed biceps will prefer this model to push in front of you and which is much more ergonomic. Indeed, this model is less tiring than a pull model and it allows you to always keep an eye on your golf bag. Those who want maximum comfort on a golf course will definitely opt for an electric golf cart.

No need to push or pull, as this type of equipment circulates thanks to an integrated motor. By betting on a high-performance model, you will come across equipment to be remotely controlled.

The wheels

Wheels keep your golf cart moving smoothly. Therefore, you must pay particular attention to this point to be sure of obtaining equipment that will meet your expectations. The first element to consider concerns the diameter of the wheels. In general, the higher this value, the more mobile your cart is. On the other hand, you also have to be very careful about the material used. Rubber is the strongest if you want stability. Likewise, look for sprockets that are better able to navigate rough terrain.

However, keep in mind that the more quality you demand for the wheels, the more you have to pay for it. Also, if you are looking to know how to buy a better value golf cart, you must consider this criterion.

Bag attachment and accessories

Before looking for where to buy a new golf cart, remember to focus on the attachment system of your bag. Even if it seems obvious to you, look for a standard attachment system so you can attach any golf bag to your cart. Then, remember to check its firmness to avoid accidents during your journey.

Just before rushing to a price comparison, make a list of the accessories you want to have on your golf cart. With the better-equipped models, you can get a storage shelf to put balls and gloves well within reach.


Are push carts good?

Push carts are more appropriate for golfers that play mostly on flatter courses. They’re also less expensive than the best electric carts, so are a more cost-effective way of getting your clubs around the course.

Are push or pull golf carts better?

Pushing is way easier than pulling and is less taxing on the shoulder muscles, muscles better used on the swing than on pulling a cart. It makes sense; golf push carts efficiently transfer energy from the natural walking position to the wheels.

How long does a golf push cart last?

Golf carts tend to last between 5-8 years on average, although they can last over 10 years if well serviced & maintained, and you replace parts when required.