The Best Golf Pants For Skinny Guys 2022

Best Golf Pants For Skinny Guys

On the golf course, it’s said that looking good may make you feel good and confident. What happens when we’re in a good mood? We have improved our golf game. So that is why, absolutely, keeping up with the golf fashion trends and dressing for the occasion is important if you want to do your best. This is a strong argument to tell to your buddy who teases you for obsessing over the latest golf shirts and shorts. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best golf pants for skinny guys!

As with all the other sports, golf outfits have changed drastically over the past few years. There are a lot of factors that have influenced that. The two main ones are fashion and technology. These two go hand to hand year by year. Big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma do a lot of research to find the best materials and shapes so that players look good, but most importantly feel comfortable wearing them.

But if you think that Golf pants or the whole outfits are to be worn only on the golf course, you are totally wrong. These golf pants that we are going to show below, are perfect for day-to-day life. You can look both sharp and feel comfortable 24/7.

What Skinny Guys have to Look for in Golf Pants


One of the most required aspects that a pair of golf pants needs to have is fabric’s durability, and that’s why polyester is the main component that is used to make them. Polyester also has two great abilities. It keeps moisture away and also it dries very quickly.

Most brands like Under Armour and Adidas, however, mix in many other textiles in order to increase the pants’ performance for golf. Some of these other textiles are elastane for elasticity and cotton for that soft feel.

Water Resistance

Like every other outdoor sport, and golf too, we need to keep in mind that it might rain some days. If you are like us, a little rain will not scare you away. However, you don’t need to suffer in this kind of weather. Just a quick tip from us, seek pants that are made with water-resistant materials like polyester. If you don’t mind spending a few dollars more you can get a pair that has a DWR coating on the outside. This way water does not stand a chance. If you see some dark clouds in the sky avoid wearing cotton ones.


Golf is part of those sports where you need to move freely and comfortably in order for your swing to be precise.  But it’s not just that, if you play golf you will have to walk and crouch a lot.

 Also if you are an active guy and want a pair for day-to-day life buy a pair that can keep up with you. Most golf pants do this by employing four-way stretch textiles which also allows for more streamlined designs and a tailored appearance.

Let’s not waste too much time and go straight to our list with the best golf pants for skinny guys.

Best Golf Pants for Skinny Guys

1. Best Lightweight Pants: Callaway Men’s Opti-Stretch Pants

These Callaway’s best golf pants for skinny guys are lightweight and flexible, with up to 15 % elastin providing four-way elasticity. The material is finished with polyester, which will dry instantly, making them rain and wind-resistant, and resilient. Also included to boost and complete the overall appearance is The Active Waistband, which is ideal for keeping your shirt tucked in as the Opti Dry technology absorbs sweat.

2. Best Joggers: Primeblue Jogger’s Adidas Men’s Golf Pants

These Primeblue Joggers by Adidas demonstrate how casual attire has made its way onto the golf course. These aren’t your average pair of sloppy sweatpants that make skinny guys look more skinny than they are, though. These are one-of-a-kind slim-fit pants that provide easy rotation at the knees, flexibility, and a more classy look.

The fabric is made from recycled polyester with up to 14% elastane, which has also been treated with a DWR coating to repel rain. The addition of belt loops elevates the look even further.

3. Best for High Temps: Under Armour ISO Chill Tapered Pants

As a skinny guy, I have to confess that they are my favorite kind of golf pants ever, which I prefer to wear on the hottest days of the summer. The main factor would be due to the ISO Chill textile technologies created by Under Armour. To combat the heat, Under Armour included “Iso-Chill” into the fibers. There are two other reasons why I enjoy this pair so much. One of them, and maybe the most important one is the resistance that the fabric shows two different stains, and the four-way stretch fabric is another. This allows you to roam about freely while playing.

4. Best Sports Trousers: NIKE Men’s M Nk Dry Park20

They include an elastic waistband with a drawstring that keeps them in place all day. They’re also perfect for individuals who do a lot of walking around on the golf course. You’ll also like how lightweight this pant’s fabric is and how quickly the rain vaporizes if you are that serious about golf that you even play during the rain. The main drawback is the lack of pockets or side zippers, both of which would be useful while carrying your phone.

Because it is developed exclusively for folks with a thin physique, NIKE is one of the most popular pairs in our online shop. This pair is great since it has an adjustable waistband that can be tailored to match your exact size.

5. Best Golf Fit Chinos: Kruze New Men’s Stretch Skinny

These are the trousers for you if you want a comfy pair of trousers that don’t need to be customized. In a slim-fit silhouette, these pants provide elasticity and comfort. On the left leg, there are additional branded golf crests. The pricing is also reasonable!

The Kruze New Men’s Stretch Slim Fit Chinos Branded Golf Trousers for Skinny Guys are the ideal trousers for any occasion. They’re available in a range of colors and designs, so you’ll be able to find something to go with anything in your wardrobe! The flexible material flows with you throughout the day, ensuring your comfort and appearance. Order them immediately and don’t be scared to flaunt your tiny shape!

Men’s Stretch Slim Fit Chinos Branded Golf Trousers for Skinny Guys by Kruze. In order to make these chino pants are used only high-quality materials and they come in a variety of sizes and colors, including normal, slim, and relaxed fits. They are inexpensive, so everybody may buy them! I really suggest them since they have worked for me and many other clients.