Best Golf GPS Watch 2022

Best Golf GPS Watch

Golf is a sport that often invites you to move on different greens. Beyond the sporting characteristic that this implies, there is one detail that many players seem to forget: the orientation and evaluation of the surface of the greens.

To find your way around, a golf GPS watch could thus prove to be of great use. That’s why choosing the best golf GPS watch becomes more than a necessity. In our quest for the right model, we couldn’t help but notice that you don’t have enough time to go through our entire buying guide.

As a result, we choose two models among the best on the market. The Bushnell 368552 stands out from the crowd thanks to its finesse and great lightness. It can last for 3 runs without you needing to recharge it. The Garmin 010-01139-00 is an equally wise choice with the wealth of information it provides and its ease of use.

Best Golf GPS Watch

1. Bushnell 368552

The thinnest and lightest watch in the world proclaims itself the brand describing this model. Indeed, its ergonomics does not harm its purpose since the accessory would not weigh more than 53 g for dimensions of 45 x 14 x 63 (mm).

More technically, it is able to automatically recognize a particular course among more than 33,000 golf courses. Several options are integrated, including an auto-holeadvance function that offers the possibility to go directly to the next hole without pressing a precise button or the Tea Time Start to preprogram the watch.

The device also allows you to evaluate the distance of the previous shot if you want to know how much you sent your last drive and includes other ancillary options such as a stopwatch, alarm clock or timer.

But above all, the odometer whose role is to precisely measure the distance made on a course with speed and duration. In GPS mode, it can be active for up to 3 courses without being recharged while it can last 24 months in simple use.

If you are looking for where to buy the best golf GPS watch, you will find the one that suits you best by consulting this ranking. To begin with, we have the Bushnell 368552 which is probably the thinnest and lightest watch in the world.

With a design worthy of a spy movie, its look is not its only asset. Lightweight and ergonomic, this watch offers all the possible options so that the round of golf takes place in the best conditions especially for those who love to see their statistics.

For those who are using a GPS watch for the first time, this model could cause them problems. Because with all the options she has, it is necessary to have certain habits.

If we consider all its qualities, it is not a surprise that this golf GPS watch is the most expensive. But besides that, she is also the best on the list.

  • Ergonomic watch
  • Several built-in options
  • Time malfunction

2. Garmin 010-01139-00

The brand puts in the ease of use. Indeed, one click, and the Garmin automatically identifies your journey among the 30,000 it has in memory and provides you with the data you need.

The digital scorecard is also in the game. Throughout your game, this device records your journey. Once done, you can upload your scorecards to your PC via a USB cable. In this way, you will be able to easily track your progress. Its simplicity of handling and the wealth of information that helps in the practice of golf make it deserve a very good rating.

The battery life indicates 8 hours in GPS mode as well as 3 weeks in watch use. This model offers a general view of the hole, a Layup/Dogleg view, and additional screens for measuring the distance of the shot and the time, navigable thanks to the “menu” button.

Which golf GPS watch to choose? Perhaps that is the question that is tormenting you right now. To help you, here is the Garmin 010-01139-00. It may not be the best performer on the list, but in any case, it is the cheapest on the market.

Among the most famous brands in geolocation, Garmin has played for this model the card of simplicity. Having left all the artifices aside, this model has kept only the functions useful for golfing. But it can still be connected to the PC via a USB cable.

It is known that golfers are among the sportsmen with the most beautiful looks. This watch is not going to help them in this area because its design is quite basic.

Its simplicity plays greatly in its favor, because its price is the cheapest of all. No need to spend an astronomical amount of money to be able to find your way around a golf course.

  • Ease of identification of a route
  • The presence of a digital scorecard
  • Instructions for use not very clear

3. TomTom 1RG0.001.05

One of the main reasons why this watch finds a place in our comparison is its ergonomics which is distinguished by its large touch screen. From the latter, you can at a glance track your golf course and your precise position. It’s easy to track your progress with quick access to your score that you can then compare to your previous courses.

TomTom’s GPS watch also allows you to see the real and accurate distance of each shot. In 10 hours of autonomy, you with the possibility to manually tag the shots yourself.

Before you start on your shot, you just have to check the screen of the GPS watch and you will immediately get the precise distance of the obstacles to come as well as the Lay-ups to choose your club.

Among the golf GPS watches to compare, the TomTom 1RG0.001.05 is a very popular model for its ergonomics. Indeed, it differs from other watch models by its wide touch screen that allows you to follow your golf course and know your precise position.

This model stands out from all the others by its wide screen. Perfect legibility combined with modern maneuverability, this gps golf watch is probably the most sophisticated. It also has an option that allows you to choose the right club for a shot.

This model requires a certain habit because the display on the screen is quite technical. Thus, opinions differ, a headache for amateurs but a real assistance for professionals.

Having all these options at its disposal and given its price, we can only dwell on the fact that this golf GPS watch has the best value for money.

  • Practice
  • Its autonomy
  • Its high price

What are the best golf GPS watches of 2022?

Golf is a sport that may really seem like a challenge for some where it is very common for a beginner to get lost in it. And this, especially when you have neither the experience nor the wise eye of an expert. There are not 36 solutions, so you have to know how to improvise and adapt.

This is where GPS golf watches come in. With this accessory, several features are offered to you in particular, there is no longer need to be able to see the target to get distances. Having trouble getting used to a new course? Understandable, but correctable. In short, the GPS golf watch is intended to assist the golfer.

But like any other product, its acquisition requires the verification of several criteria before moving towards a particular model. Among other things, autonomy comes first since it goes without saying that the watch must be active and operational throughout the journey.

Then comes the scorecard option. Of a beginner or experienced level, the latter will avoid you having to constantly drag your sheet and pencil in order to be able to take note of your performance. You will be more focused on the essential: the precision of your swing.

Some templates will even offer you the option to print or share this score according to your wishes. Another interesting option relates to the odometer, which measures the distance you travel on foot, just to stay in shape.

But even more fundamental, the weight of the accessory is crucial to the extent that it will be difficult to effective in its primary usefulness. Indeed, for a sport such as golf, the precision of the gesture is of great importance.

The last criterion and not the least concerns the details illustrated by the brand. The idea is to have a clear visibility of the course.

How to use a golf GPS watch?

The use of GPS watches in the world of sports has been greatly developed. Now accessible to the majority, the use of this high-end technology is becoming obvious to sports fans. Golfers, too, are entering this category and can no longer do without this state-of-the-art gadget. Equipped with countless features, it can only seduce you. Learn with us how to use it.

Play in the greatest of comforts

Some gamers don’t like feeling their smartphone in their pocket in the middle of the game. They then prefer to use the watch to receive their emails, calls and communicate on social networks. To do this, there is nothing complicated. You start the Bluetooth function of your phone and watch. Once your laptop has detected it and connected to it, you can leave it in your bag and find it when the game is over.

Understand the golf course using your sports watch

If you are playing for the first time in a new club, on a new golf course, your gadget will inspire you by providing you with surprisingly rational and accurate measurements. You can master your golf course in no time and determine your game strategy based on this information. Indeed, many of these watches are able to discern more than 30,000 golf courses.

Compete with your golf GPS watch

In case of competition, you will discover the positions of the flags of the day. From there, its other functions will help you calculate the strength of your shot, the distance your ball has to travel. Those who have fragile health will be able to closely follow their vital constants thanks to the watch: cardio, number of steps and many others.

Know how to decipher what the watch says

Once you arrive on the green at the level of the first tee, your watch on the wrist, you just have to turn it on and in a few minutes, it starts looking for all the courses nearby. You then select the one you are about to play on. You will easily recognize it since the watch displays the drawing. Then press the buttons corresponding to the obstacles, layups to collect all the available information about them.

Closely monitor your performance

At each route, you can record your score using the navigation keys. These results are instantly transmitted to the application for you to view later. Your workouts and the work on your swing will only be better.

Maintain your golf GPS watch

To preserve your gadget, avoid frequent contact with water. With its countless features, this technological tool is highly complex. In the event of a breakdown, it is preferable to use a professional to put it back on its feet to avoid damaging the device even more. Don’t try to open it on your own. Often, it has a warranty of several months. You can take advantage of it in case of breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a GPS watch worth it golf?

Golf watches are definitely worth it as they provide a huge amount of data that can help improve your game. They offer far more information than a rangefinder can, collecting a suite of valuable measurements such as distances to greens and hazards.

Is Garmin golf GPS accurate?

The accuracy from where you were to the green and hazards was really good (just like most Garmin GPS units) and it always seemed to be within 4-5 yards of the course markers. That’s pretty standard across Garmin watches.