Best Golf Driver Under $400

best golf driver under $400

What would a game of golf be without a club? If you like this sport and plan to buy one, bet on the driver. If you already have some notions of this sport or if you want to improve, this is the type of golf that suits you the most.

Having a wider hitting surface, but especially a longer handle, it allows you to hit with power, which will give the ball a more consistent initial speed. Some models are also designed to have more precision, which is also more interesting to succeed in your game.

It goes without saying that choosing the right golf driver is not at all an easy task. Already, it is better that you know a little about it, otherwise you can call on an expert in the field. Our buying guide can also help you find the best golf driver under $400, as we offer models for you to choose from.

TaylorMade A3319109 allows casual gamers to improve their typing thanks to the concentrate of technology that this model is equipped with. Gallaway Xr is equipped with the Optifit system, allowing the player to adjust the head of his driver.

Finding out which is the best golf driver on the market that is adapted to his needs is not easy. But by consulting a comparison, you can easily get there. Discover these 5 products that we have selected for you and that fully deserve your attention and trust.

1. TaylorMade A3319109

To know how to choose the best golf drivers of 2022, know that the club is an essential material for this sport. Inveterate players never choose it at random, because they like equipment that gives them fun during the game but is above all adequate to their style.

But what about beginners or casual gamers in all this? In reality, this TaylerMade driver model is appreciated first and foremost for its versatility. It can be used for both long and short courses. The design is obviously well cared for. The grip is pleasant to handle, so that the player can refine each of his strikes.

The handle, meanwhile, is remarkably strong. The design of the head of this golf club also aims to ensure the versatility and ease of use of the equipment. Three sets of adjustments are indeed planned, a tuning system that can help the player to make the difference depending on whether he is competing or starting, among others.

Also note that this TaylerMade golf driver is both lightweight and sturdy. This lightness is not a trivial feature in that it helps beginners or casual players to quickly make increasingly accurate strikes, especially for long courses.

In addition, you will also appreciate the different systems that this model is equipped with namely the T Track or the one that allows you to adjust the club.

If you turn to the best brand of golf drivers, you will rarely be disappointed with your choice. TaylorMade proposes for this status with this reference. Those who bought it were formal about the performance of this equipment. This also justifies its position in this ranking.

This club is versatile, being able to be used for practically any distance of course. It can also be adjusted according to the player’s style of play, especially if he passes from the hands of an experienced golfer to those of a casual player, or even those of a beginner.

The possibility of adjustment is too sensitive. But even a small change in the handle, for example, would impact the center of gravity of the head, even changing the quality of the club.

This model has the merit of adapting to different styles of play, especially allowing beginners to learn and improve.

  • Versatile
  • T Track System
  • Sensitive setting

2. Callaway Xr

The Callaway Xr is the best golf driver that is specially designed for players who want to improve. But in the world of golf, what do players mean by improving? As a rule, the quality of play is assessed on two important axes. The first is obviously the accuracy of the strikes.

On this point, the head of this model is carefully designed so that the golfer can adjust them as well as possible. At the same time, it is also necessary that the grip can help the player to handle the club well and that the handle is light. We are talking about qualities that are found on practically all high-end models.

What also distinguishes this model from the others is the Speed Step crown with which it is equipped. This system will allow you to better control the speed of your swing during the game. It actually reduces air resistance so that your strikes are accurate and smooth.

In addition, each player has his style of play. This is why on this model, it is possible to adjust a number of elements of the material thanks to the Optifit adjustability, starting with the head, but also the grip or the handle.

Which golf driver to choose? You will probably find an answer to this question among the products presented by Gallaway. And you will be immediately seduced by this equipment of the brand that we offer. Its aesthetic meticulously worked by the manufacturer makes this model a considerable asset to optimize your performance.

This Callaway model makes it possible to have a greater striking power, so to accurately reach ever greater distances. And this is the first of the expectations of the players of a golf club. Even beginners get drunk with this passion for distance.

The model allows the player to improve his performance, and not an average person to learn golf. The manufacturer is obviously focusing on an audience already conquered by this sport.

In the world of golf reigns, a great passion for distances, and the Gallaway offers this possibility to players, and this at a lower cost.

  • Aerodynamic aspect
  • Multiple configurations
  • Targeted users

3. TaylorMade M2

This M2 Driver has several qualities, but the player will appreciate above all the possibility of hitting hard. Indeed, this golf club is essentially designed for the power of strikes. One could then say that the model would be reserved for experienced players, or even for competitors who master clubs and long courses.

In fact, TaylorMade has obviously set itself the goal of meeting a challenge that is not always obvious: combining power and precision of strikes. As always, the brand relies on design almost everything. Indeed, the design of the head significantly influences not only the direction that the ball takes, but also the speed with which it is launched.

The driver head here is designed with several materials, including a composite with 7 layers of carbon, which makes it very lightweight. In addition, this model is also designed with advanced technologies whose purpose is to better control the speed of the ball during the game. In addition, you can adjust all its elements so that you can play at your ease.

You want to know where to buy the best golf driver. TaylorMade is an address of choice for connoisseurs and an essential sign for amateurs. This model of the brand will not leave you marble as to its design and robustness.

The good design of the head, especially at the point of balance, allows the player to hit hard. The golfer will thus be able, always in connection with the center of gravity, to reach with more precision more and more important distances.

This model would be less easy to handle in the hands of a beginner or a golfer who is not very diligent. It obviously takes a lot of experience, or make adjustments to the head and handle before each course.

Professional competitors and avid amateurs will no doubt appreciate this head design allowing them to strike with more precision.

  • Head design
  • Solid structure
  • Complex handling

4. Wazaki Cyclone

The lightness of the material is one of its first qualities, but is certainly not the only one. The lower crown is less thick than on other models. This head design is supposed to help the player better rotate before a distant strike (on a long course). The brand believes that the resulting striking power is too obvious to mention.

Long journeys are demanding. They require players to adjust their club perfectly before embarking on it. With this model, things might be a little different. Indeed, the manufacturer promises that it is perfectly possible to make good distant strikes while keeping a certain cadence.

The head of this cheap model is made of titanium, very appreciated for the lightness it provides, but also the solidity. Note also that this material of Japanese origin is made for right-handed people. The design of this club is equally remarkable. This is what users liked the most about this model. The head is gold plated, so the whole is golden, an elegant color and very high-end. The handle is the same color in gold. We can only be proud playing with this driver.

If you’re on a budget and are looking for the cheapest item on our list, the Wazaki Cyclone is your model. However, despite its cost, this material is not left out in terms of strength, aesthetics and ease of handling.

  • Lightweight equipment
  • Stylish design
  • Facts for right-handers

5. Srixon Z-355

Practically everything lies in the design of the head of the golf club. For the Srixon Z-355, the equilibrium point is higher. Experienced players, whether professional competitors or avid amateurs, know it perfectly well: it is one of the essential parameters for a golf club. But these experts also know that the center of gravity is such a sensitive aspect that it can either ensure victory or cause your loss.

More precisely, the center of gravity is almost dependent on the grip, but also and especially on the length of the shaft. With a head at the high equilibrium point, we therefore expect a longer handle, ditto for the grip. And that’s exactly the design found on Srixon Z-355. It’s good to know before you buy it.

This type of design promotes the power of typing. Note that the head of this model weighs only 211g. A small rotation is enough to reach unsuspected average distances. In terms of precision, you need mastery and therefore experience. This model is intended for golfers who already have some experience.

However, nothing prevents beginners or casual players from improving their performance. But for those, it would probably be necessary to adjust the balance point of the head as best as possible, at the same time as the length of the handle.

Even though Srixon Z-355 doesn’t present itself as the most efficient in terms of robustness and design, its customizable options often tip the scales in its favor. It is then normal that this equipment has its place in our list.

  • Adjustable components
  • High equilibrium point
  • Made for insiders

How to choose a good golf driver?

The driver is an essential element for a golfer. Faced with the many models available to you, it is often difficult to make a choice. In this article, we will tell you how to buy a golf driver with better value for money. To do this, we will base ourselves on three selection criteria.

The choice of materials

The driver is the most used golf club on the tee area on the holes. The purpose of using this equipment is to send the ball as far as possible. It can be made with different types of materials including steel, carbon composite or titanium. The last two materials are the most recommended by specialists. Being much lighter than steel, they allow manufacturers to design a larger head, without making it heavy, which offers a larger, and therefore much better, striking area.

Their very thin faces return to their original shapes very soon after the impact on the ball. These materials also improve the golfer’s striking power, and therefore the distance travelled. This is the first criterion of our buying guide for the best golf drivers.

The choice of model

In general, there are three driver models: the bland, the draw and the neutral. And according to specialists, the one that is most suitable for beginners is the draw. But the choice also largely depends on the player himself. If you can’t make up your mind, you can always ask for advice from connoisseurs to help you make the right choice.

However, there are also models that are compromises between these different types: 3-in-1 drivers. They are both bland, drawn and neutral. This is made possible thanks to a system that allows you to adjust the weight distribution on the driver’s head. And as you might expect, the latter are a bit more expensive than the simple models. You can check it on a price comparator.

The choice of shape

You can find drivers with heads of different shapes: triangular, square, pear. Each has its own specificity. However, after several attempts, we came to the conclusion that it was especially the last two that seduced the most golfers. Moreover, according to professional players, drivers with a square head have many advantages. One of them is the ease of alignment.

In addition, this form also allows the player to better visualize the flight line of the ball. And for brands, you’re spoilt for choice. Each offers high-performance models. Most people choose a sign for simple loyalty and no other reason. After checking these criteria, you can finally choose where to buy a new golf driver.

How to use a golf driver?

This golf bag club is the most popular and must have if you aspire to become a professional in this sport. In general, golfers prefer to use it to start the course. Indeed, it offers great power, and its striking surface is wide. But how to get the most out of it? Here are some guidelines on the subject.

Position the golf ball

Properly installing the ball is an imperative for the strike to be as successful as possible. In your stance, the latter must be placed inside your left foot. As the driver is longer, the ball is therefore further away from the body. As a result, it will be necessary to position it slightly on the left to be able to execute a strike on the climb.

Use a tee

With a wood, the player will strike lightly while going up (unlike with an iron club). Thus, it is necessary to use a tee to raise the ball a little bit, because if it is positioned too low, you will risk scratching the surface on which you are running. Your performance could then decrease sharply.

Have the right posture

To achieve a balanced stance, it is essential to bend a can knees. Subsequently, it is necessary to spread your feet so that the distance between them is wider than that between the shoulders. To ensure your blows, regarding the position of your arms, you must stretch them so as to maintain a space that makes you comfortable between the tops of the thighs and hands.

Execute your move

For the execution of the shot, the process is the same as with the other clubs of the golf bag. You have to drop your arms while being in the respect of the alignment. Then, it is worth making sure to bend the lower body well until your equipment touches the ground. Finally, you will have to arm by releasing. Try to perform flexible movements at all times.

Maintain your club well

It is essential to regularly clean your driver to have a clean face and clearly visible grooves. Thus, you will have a better contact and you will be able to ensure a correct trajectory. This allows you to make the most of the features that the club can offer you without any form of interference on the face such as grass, mud or sand.

Wash your driver

Like any sports equipment, it is essential to maintain your clubs. But obviously, there are a few things to know before you start. The first alternative is to buy a special golf club cleaning kit to simplify the task. The second option is to do it yourself at home. For this, you will need to fill a bucket with water and a little mild dishwashing detergent. Then, it is necessary to immerse the heads of the driver in the liquid for a minute to allow the glued elements to moisten well and thus be removed more easily. Finally, dry in the open air or with a cloth.

Read our full guide on what is the best way to clean your golf clubs.

Best Golf Driver Under $400: FAQs

What is a good driver for an average golfer?

I’d recommend a 13 or 14-degree driver for the best results. The extra loft will launch the ball higher in the air, it’ll put less sidespin on the ball, and you’ll get more distance. Someone that has an average swing speed (80-95 MPH) should use a driver with a little bit less loft.

How often should you buy a new driver?

For most golfers, you’ll want to replace your driver every five years. Golf drivers do not wear out as easily as they did even 15 years ago. If you treat your driver well, there’s no reason it cannot last multiple seasons. And yes, that even goes for golfers that play frequently.