Best Golf Balls for Hitting Straight 2022

best golf balls for hitting straight

Golf is probably among the noblest sports of all time. Its practice cannot be done randomly. This requires a certain experience, sometimes even a certain status. Anyway, whether you play for fun, for work or to compete, the quality of the golf ball plays a key role in the success of the player. It is for this reason that you cannot choose it lightly.

This requires a good knowledge of the sport in question and time. Start by informing yourself in a buying guide like the one we present here, so that you can make a good investment and choose the best golf balls for hitting straight. Also take the time to consult a comparison of the best products of the moment.

Ours will lead you for example to Callaway chrome soft which is composed of twelve balls all coated in urethane, a guarantee of their solidity. Titleist Pro V1 also has a well-thought-out design. This model features a ZG progress 2.0 core, making your range strikes accurate and strong.

To the question: how to choose the best golf balls of 2022, you will be able to find all kinds of answers when you browse the Internet. But if you want to take a shortcut, look at the products that we will detail below.

1. Callaway Chrome Soft

A golf ball is usually quite small in size and is easily camouflaged in nature. Therefore, when buying it, it will be wiser to opt for a cheap model, but of good quality. Also be aware that each product has its own characteristics. So, it’s better to buy no more than a dozen at a time. This will allow you to vary your style of play depending on the terrain and wind speed.

Balanced, this set of twelve Callaway chrome soft golf balls features two low-compression cores and a urethane envelope. As a result, they will provide you with a reduction in spin as well as ease for long distances, thanks to their honeycomb structure. Versatile, this model is compatible with long clubs, intermediates, shorts, as well as all categories of wedges.

In terms of touch and trajectory, this version is particularly soft and will not have difficulty producing a fairly pronounced flight angle. In addition to this, this ball will also be fast given that its hull and core are made of graphene. On the lawn, the soft chrome callaways will be easily noticed since they are white in color.

Do you want to learn about golf? Remember to equip yourself with the best equipment and accessories! If you are wondering where to buy the best golf ball on the market, we direct you to Callaway chrome soft, whose features are of interest to more than one.

This model is compatible with all types of clubs. In addition, the balls are lightweight, easy to orient and will stay longer in the air. Sober and elegant, Callaway chrome soft has an excellent level of finish and comes in different colors.

Aimed at experienced golfers, its handling discourages beginners. This is due to the complexity of its envelope and cores. But once you’re used to it, everything is fine.

This model will not be easy to master and requires time to adapt. However, its price remains very affordable. In addition, this product will be securely packaged.

  • Design
  • Practicality
  • Versatile
  • Complex mastery

2. Titleist Pro V1

In a round of golf, choosing the best golf ball can make a difference. Indeed, even if most models are very similar, know that on a given course, they will all behave differently. This is due to the design of the envelope, the core as well as the size of the equipment. So, if you are looking for high-performance equipment, you can turn to the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball.

As its name suggests, this model is particularly aimed at the professional since it is equipped with the new generation of core called ZG progress 2.0, which reduces spin and promotes long-range shots. In addition to this, the Titleist Pro V1 incorporates 352 cells with a tetrahedral pattern, offering an aerodynamic profile and a constant trajectory. If unfortunately, you do not find your ball, we guarantee that you will never run out of it since it is a set of 12 balls.

Regarding its envelope, it is made from urethane, which gives it a very soft touch and a solidity resistant to any test. It is for these reasons that the Pro V1 is so appreciated by professional golfers.

Whether you are amateurs or professionals, choose the most powerful golf ball on the market! With Titleist Pro V1, you will enjoy a really enjoyable game. But you are not yet at the end of your surprises, because its advantages are also testified, able to optimize your game.

This model has a very classy and aerodynamic design. It has also been designed in a very solid way and will last over time. Stable, its core has a low compression ratio and its touch remains as authentic as ever.

It lacks a choice in terms of colors and fonts since not everyone is necessarily a fan of white. But this does not prevent its efficiency and versatility.

The pro V1 has a very good reputation and excellent value for money. If you want to improve your score, this ball is for you.

  • Manufacturing quality
  • Resistant
  • Price

3. Srixon Z-star

Currently, the meeting place between supply and demand is full of many models, which one can wonder which is the best golf ball on the market. So, if you don’t know much about it, you risk getting lost. Here are some parameters to take into account to detect the good plans, namely the quality of the shell, its compression ratio as well as the type of core.

White in color and decorated with black inscriptions, this set of 12 Srixon Z-star golf balls is well finished. In addition to this, they are lightweight and will be easy to orient since their core compresses gradually. In addition, this model will have no trouble traveling a long distance thanks to the 338 cells present on its envelope. Also be aware that the Z-star will be more effective in autumn and winter.

In terms of coating, its urethane shell reduces spin effects and gives it a very pleasant touch. As a result, it will delight amateurs, but also professionals in search of feat and performance. As for its packaging, the Z-star has a packaging worthy of high-end material and that highlights it. The latter measures 19 cm in length, width and height.

The best brand of golf balls, do you wonder if it exists? Of course, just take the time to consider the characteristics of this Srixon Z-star, testified by buyers as a high-quality model.

This ball will be easy to handle and will not require time to adapt. Its design is also aerodynamic and will withstand the wind perfectly. Lightweight, this ball will take off easily and will be very effective during long-shot games.

Despite its very soft touch, this ball is not versatile since its potential is 100% exploitable only in autumn and winter. Its design also remains too ordinary.

For a moderate budget, the choice of the Srixon Z-star ball remains a good compromise. It has good value for money and will last over time.

  • Aesthetic
  • Light
  • Singularity
  • Limited performance

4. Wilson Ultra Ultdis

When we suddenly find ourselves facing many models of golf balls, we tend to refer to the price, thinking that the more expensive the product, the better its quality will be. Often, this is the case, but be aware that there are cheap golf balls that will do the trick.

Famous equipment manufacturer, Wilson is known worldwide for the quality of its products. As a result, several high-level athletes have already opted for its equipment because of their efficiency. This is the case of these 24 Ultra Ultdis golf balls of white color and marked Ultra 4. Lightweight, this model is ideal for long-stroke courses. In addition, at high speeds, its hull compresses easily, hence its agility. Regarding its structure, it is equipped with 432 cells identical to each other, which aim to reduce its air resistance.

In terms of measurements, Wilson Ultra Ultdis stands between two fingers. Because of this, it will be easy to orient if you have a strong enough swing. In addition to that, this model has a correct spin level to start with. It is for this reason that this version is intended for the golf lover in the training phase, requiring a large amount of balls.

If you don’t know yet which is the cheapest golf ball on the market, we draw your attention to Wilson Ultra Ultdis. By following our description, you will realize that this model gives you many advantages.

  • Effective
  • Adapted
  • Delivery concern

5. Callaway Supersoft 2016

The compression of a golf ball is its deformation due to the swing speed. The higher it is, the more the equipment will need a large strike force to be properly oriented. As a result, models specially designed for women will have a fairly low compression ratio, as evidenced by this 2016 Callaway Supersoft golf ball.

With a compression ratio of 38, this model is perfect for women. Indeed, it is equipped with a flexible core and good spin resistance. As a result, this ball will keep a straight trajectory, regardless of the striking power and wind speed. As its name suggests so well, this version has a very soft touch, but also a honeycomb shell, resulting from HEX technology. The latter will provide it with aerodynamics and solidity to any test.

Fast, this supersoft callaway is able to make a long journey in a short time. So, to make the ball easy to find, Callaway produced quite flashy models starting with a white, then a yellow and finally a pink. In case of loss, be aware that your game will not be interrupted since this version includes a batch of a dozen bullets.

Ladies, you’ve already had time to look for golf ball models, but you can’t choose your item so far. Don’t worry, we’ve selected Callaway Supersoft 2016, with a somewhat special aesthetic.

  • Effective
  • Quality
  • Unsuitable for men

How to choose a good golf ball?

In the practice of a sport like golf, the ball plays a crucial role. The choice of such a crucial element must therefore be carried out with meticulousness in order to avoid mistakes detrimental to the player. Like a buying guide to the best golf balls, this article provides you with reliable advice on the factors to consider when choosing one. You can also read our full guide on how to choose the right golf ball, to understand which ball is perfect for you.

Compression and speed

Because the swing speed is usually higher for players with a low index finger, you need to choose a ball whose design ensures perfect resistance to it. A ball with such a characteristic is essential for the preservation of your quality of play by preventing it from deforming. As for compression, you should know that it decreases or increases depending on the swing speed.

Thus, beginners and women should favor golf balls with a compression between 70 and 80. Those with a compression of 90 are more suitable for men and finally excellent players can turn to compression balls 100 or more. Keep in mind that you will rarely find such information with a price comparator. The best is to seek advice from specialists when buying.

The number of layers

The number of layers or coins is also one of the criteria not to be overlooked if you want to know how to buy a golf ball with better value for money. As a rule, the new generation of products designed by manufacturers has several layers, between 2 and 3. They have the particularity of adding the back effect and are suitable for beginners or intermediate level players.

If you are a confirmed player, opt in this case for balls of 4 or 5 layers. These have the advantage of limiting this aforementioned backspin effect. As you can see, the choice of the number of layers is closely related to your level of play. It is for this reason that you should definitely know this one in order to buy balls that match your profile.

The level and type of game

In addition to knowing where to buy a new golf ball, you also need to look at your style and level of play to make your choice. Do not make any purchase decision without first having first analyzed in depth the type of practice that suits you in golf. If you can, try the balls that are offered to you before choosing.

Ball fittings are even possible to find a model that meets your expectations for the type of game you play in golf. As for your level of play, know that 3 elements allow you to define the golf balls available in shops. These include distance, control, and spin. Move towards remote and/or control versions if you have a large index.

How to use a golf ball?

You have recently decided to start learning golf. And so, to make it official, you bought golf balls. But unfortunately, you do not really know the practice of this sport. So, to help you better understand how this game works as well as how to use these balls, we invite you to read the different tips developed in these lines.

Read the features of your golf ball

There are three kinds of bullets. Namely the balls qualified as “spin”, those of “control” and finally you have the “distance” models. Each of these types has been manufactured for a specific level. As a result, their characteristics are not the same. Indeed, the number of layers they contain is not the same and in addition, the speed and compression vary depending on the ball. All these details will influence the robustness of the ball, but also the effects it will offer. To know the copy in your possession, read the description of your balls.

Check if your ball is suitable for your level

After reading the description sheet of your balls, you are a little more informed about the model you have in your possession. For your part, evaluate your level

to know if your balls really suit your techniques or not. Normally, the higher the level you go, the more you will need to find a “back effect” or “spin” in your ball. But in case you are new to the field, you will no longer need “control” or “distance”.

Position yourself in relation to the ball

After checking, if the ball suits you, you can start training. To do this, put it on its base. Afterwards, bring your feet as close as possible to this point where it is. Stand straight with your upper body leaning slightly forward. Then hold your club so that it follows the alignment of your left arm. It is to know that your hands will have to be at the level of half of your left thigh.

Taketo hit the ball

If the previous tips indicate how to position yourself in relation to the ball, in this part we will see how to achieve the striking movement. In relation to this, hold the previous position and then make movements to the side. In order for the ball to move in the direction you are aiming for, place most of your weight on your left foot for the duration of the movement. It should also be noted that the club must strike at the base of the ball.

Maintain your ball after your journey

Once you get home, clean your balls to prevent the earth and pieces of greenery from drying out on them. For this, use bullet washers. These products are visible on the courses. You can also rub them with a brush soaked in soapy water or send them to the washing machine. Afterwards, to dry them, use a bath towel. Also, keep them in a dry place without sunlight.

Best Golf Balls for Hitting Straight: FAQs

What golf ball goes the straightest?

The straightest ball on the market right now is the Titleist Velocity. With the Titleist Velocity, it does not matter if you have a fast or a slow swing speed; you will see some performance from these golf balls.

Do soft or hard golf balls go straighter?

It is generally agreed that soft golf balls spin less than firmer golf balls so from the tee they should be longer as well as straighter, having less back and sideward spin.