Best Golf Bags for Beginners 2023

best golf bags for beginners

Intended to carry most of your belongings, the golf bag is an essential that you cannot do without on the greens. For seasoned golfers, it is also a fashion accessory in its own right. Faced with the multitude of items available on the market, it becomes easier to consult a buying guide where you can more easily have points of comparison.

Remember to check the articles on this subject on our pages. On the other hand, if you do not have much time even for a diagonal reading of the golf bags that we put at your disposal, the 2 models below will do just as well.

The Nike BG0402 is a hybrid-designed golf bag with a second water-resistant pocket and plenty of pockets to fit in clothes and valuables. As for the Palm Springs Golf, it is especially appreciated for its 9 outer pockets, 14 separations and light weight.

Your tees and all your golf accessories need a bag to facilitate their storage and transport. It is therefore essential for you to look for how to choose the best golf bags for beginners and a review of our comparison can largely contribute to offer you a clearer idea of what you would like to buy.

2016 Nike Air Sport III Stand/Carry Men’s Golf Bag

Its main asset lies in its great lightness. This Nike BG0402 golf bag has a featherweight of 2.6kg which is light to carry. If your golf accessories are going to weigh quite heavy, it is nice to own and carry them in a bag that will not yet weigh down the load.

This model is practical, because it has a large capacity, but also because it has several functional pockets that allow you to better store your accessories. As such, you will be entitled to an oval tray of about 24cm that will allow you to separate the location of your clubs.

In addition, 12 functional pockets that will be closed all with a zipper can serve as additional storage. In these different compartments, you can easily store tee, pens, gloves, clothes or other items.

Thanks to a second waterproof pocket, even if it will rain on the green, your accessories will be protected from moisture.

Still in terms of practice, this Nike golf bag model benefits from the Hybrid design that allows its user to have easy and quick access to its accessories just by a few clicks.

On the green, you’re the type to demand quality equipment, so you’re wondering where to buy the best golf bag? The Nike BG0402 would be able to meet your requirements. This extremely lightweight bag has many useful pockets and inherits a hybrid design.

Lightweight and with several well-placed storage pockets, this Nike BG0402 allows you to store clubs and your golf accessories in good conditions. Its design is all the more aesthetic too.

A few users have mentioned that Nike does not live up to its name with this product, as the product looks a bit of low quality.

It is one of the best golf bags of good finish and practical in its category, even if its price is in the average, the product is of quite good quality.

  • Light
  • Very convenient
  • Finishing

Palm Springs Golf Bag

A good number of users consider it to be the best cheap golf bag from our model reviewThis is the reason why this model is included in our comparison. Indeed, it is distinguished by a well-thought-out separation of the compartments inside the bag. There are a total of 14 separations that allow you to store the clubs as well as the other golf accessories that you can put there.

In addition to this, additional pockets are still available for storing small accessories like gloves, notepads and pens. In all, nine external pockets are free for all other possible storage.

The icing on the cake with this model is the fact that it has an outdoor putter holder and a stand to store an umbrella. Thanks to this, you will be able to go play golf serenely with the complete equipment in the same bag.

In addition, it should be noted that this Palm Springs trolley golf bag is very light and as a golf trolley bag, it can be suitable for both an electric trolley and a classic trolley.

For those who are looking at colors, you should know that the manufacturer offers a wide range of colors for this model of golf bag.

Which golf bag to choose from all those on the market? It is not always necessary to opt for a big brand model to have a quality bag. Proof of this is with this Palm Springs golf bag.

Here is an almost complete golf bag and with different locations that will delight those who like everything to be in their place. Fourteen separations, 9 outer pockets and putter holder and umbrella holder, the Palm Springs is a great product.

It does not have any major flaws apart from the fact that it is a relatively unknown brand on the market.

It is of very good quality, but it is also the most affordable in its class. For those who are looking for a golf bag of colors, it comes in several colors. It is the most expensive of its range.

  • Many compartments
  • Value for money
  • Location of compartments

Callaway X Series Golf Cart Bag

In your quest to find the answer to the question which is the best golf bag on the market, we offer you to visit the Callaway X Series model. It is probably the golf bag that presents a better affordable value for money from the range proposed in our product review.

It has 14 compartments to facilitate the storage of your clubs, a built-in handle to facilitate its transport and 7 pockets for all your other accessories. If among your belongings you have valuables, you can slip them into one of the pockets that has a velvet lining and where you can also store a key ring.

Its base has been specially ground in order to be able to fit properly on a trolley. Indeed, the basic E-Trolley system can be integrated with many existing trolleys on the market. The design of the bag itself allows great ease of access of all your accessories quickly, as the pockets have all been strategically placed to meet this need.

Its strap that benefits from the Comfort Tech® quality allows you to wear it effortlessly and without too much trouble.

The Callaway X Series golf bag will appeal to golfers who need many compartments to store their equipment, and a system that makes the bag suitable for any cart.

The Callaway X-Series is a golf bag of average quality that stands out above all for the structure of its base that has been ground especially to fit well in a golf cart. Apart from that, it has several compartments and 7 useful pockets.

Fewer pockets than other models and also no putter port, but it’s a good product all the same.

It is the simplest model in its class, but not necessarily the cheapest. If you are looking for a practical and basic model with good value for money, this one can do the trick.

  • 14 compartments
  • E-Trolley system
  • Number of pockets

Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag

The Titleist 8198 golf bag is a small beach bag that is very light (it weighs only 2.5kg). If you are looking for a simple and practical golf bag, you will probably be able to orient yourself towards this one.

It has 2 side pockets as well as 2 other lined pockets to store your valuables. In total, the user is entitled to 10 closed pockets with zip that give a lot of space for storage.

To organize your clubs, a compartment for this is already available even if it is quite small. In addition, you can also put your umbrella there, because this model has an umbrella holder. In addition, a pencil jar is also available on this model.

The bag is strong and lightweight and is easily transportable with its straps. The Titleist 8198 is a golf bag with 14 lanes and a dozen closed pockets with zip. It is robust, and yet it is extremely light since it weighs only 2.5 kg. Note also the presence of an umbrella holder and a pencil jar for maximum functionality.

  • 14 spacers
  • Featherweight
  • Installation on a trolley

TaylorMade B1607401

The TaylorMade B1607401 Golf Bag is a golf bag with 14 TPE lanes and side handles that allow you to better grip it and carry it on your cart.

Like most golf bag models, it has a velvet lined pouch for the placement of all your valuables. In addition, it also offers you two pockets of clothes as well as three additional pockets to put accessories such as golf balls.

It has an umbrella sleeve if you need to take your umbrella with you, otherwise in case of rain, a cap to protect the bag is included with this model.

In order to secure your bag, a trolley key locking system is available with this TaylorMade B1607101.

TaylorMade could be named as the best brand of golf bags, as its products are of quality. The B1607401 is no exception to this rule and could delight any golfer looking for quality equipment.

  • Locking system
  • Practice
  • Price

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How to choose a good golf bag?

In addition to knowing how to play then you need a good bag to take the necessary equipment with you. We therefore invite you to follow the advice to buy a good golf bag offered on our price comparator to free up time when choosing your accessory crucially. To get a better bag that meets your criteria and needs, you must pay attention to the following 3 main characteristics: the type of bag, the storage of the bag as well as its maneuverability and weight.

The type of golf bag

If you are wondering how to buy a golf bag with better value for money, you should first look at the questions related to the types of golf bags that exist. You should know that a golf bag will be used to carry with you your equipment for golf as well as to store it.

There are several types of golf bags that are used in different ways and in different situations. There is the sheath bag which is a small bag, its use is therefore limited to the storage of your equipment, but its biggest advantage is that it is less bulky and light so it is the ideal bag for you if you move often.

The trolley bag is a larger and bulkier golf bag, therefore more bulky. But its advantage is that it is placed on a cart in order to roll it so as not to have it on your back. It is also equipped with several storage spaces to have easy access to its equipment.

There is also the portable bag which is both equipped with two straps to carry it on the back, but also a tripod to put it on the ground.

The storage of the bag

The storage of the bag is to be considered when buying a new golf bag. Our buying guide for the best golf bags offers you to choose your bag according to its storage.

Indeed, it is recommended to check the types of storage on the golf bag. It is therefore preferable to choose a bag that has multi-compartment storage so that you can better store your irons to easily find them when you are on the course. But in addition, it would also be ideal to have an easily accessible place to put your putter on the bag, as well as a cartridge with tees.

The maneuverability and weight of the bag

It is also important to check the maneuverability of the bag as well as its weight. Even though genuine leather or PVC bags are durable, they are all the heavier, prefer a lighter bag like those made of nylon.

As for maneuverability, it is advisable to choose a bag that has wrists in order to easily store it in your car. It is therefore better to choose a bag that does not pose any discomfort when you doorman with you.

After reviewing the basic features, you will now be able to ask yourself the question: “where to buy a new golf bag”? All that remains is your choice while determining your needs.

How do I use a golf bag?

Golf enthusiasts cannot do without several accessories, including the golf bag. This one is necessary to be able to store and put the multiple things related to the game such as balls, tees and many others. To increase the life of this equipment, it is important to use it properly. Below is information to guide you.

Start by checking if your golf bag can hold all your accessories before using it

It is important to examine the capacity of your equipment before using it. Thus, if you plan to store several things such as snacks, clothes, balls, tees and much more, the best is to use a trolley bag. This model will offer you a larger space. In addition, if you want to bring only a few essentials, the sheath copy is for you.

Use a lightweight golf bag

It is recommended to pay attention to the weight of your equipment before using it. If you lean over a heavy device, your load will be amplified and you may quickly get tired along your golf courses. The best is to make use of a fairly light golf bag.

Place in your golf bag all the useful accessories

According to the advice of professionals, it is better to put in this kind of equipment all the things you will need. In order not to forget the essential things at home, follow these steps. Remember to bring the balls, tees, clubs and putters. Don’t forget your water bottle to cool off. Wear a few spare clothes, shoes, coins, snacks and your phones.

Arrange your accessories well in the compartments of your equipment

In order not to waste time looking for a specific item in your golf bag, it is advisable to organize the location of your belongings. To do this, you need to separate them in the various compartments of your device. The important thing is not to mix it all up. It is therefore more advantageous to rely on items with many pockets for more practicality.

In addition, you need to put your valuables in the waterproof divisions of your bag and the heads of your clubs higher above the bottom of your equipment so that they do not collapse.

Wear your equipment properly

Carrying your golf bag along your course all the time is tiring. This is why it is necessary to take some precautions to limit the tension in the back and neck. To do this, adjust the straps of each shoulder well.

As a result, the heaviness of the bag will be shared evenly on you. In the same way, make sure that the bottom of your material is located on the bottom of your kidneys. In case it is placed on your glutes, you will feel bounces with each step.

Maintain your golf bag

In order to keep your equipment in good condition for a long time, remember to clean it. Use a damp sponge to remove sludge and grass. Drying in the open air will be more correct.

Best golf bags for beginners: FAQs

What should be in a golf bag for beginners?

Items you need in your golf bag are new balls, shag balls, rain gear, umbrella, first-aid kit, sunscreen, markers, towels, tees, extra socks, gloves, energy bars and water bottle.

How many clubs should be in a golf bag for beginners?

Golfers are allowed to have up to 14 clubs in a golf bag, each serving a specific purpose.

What is a good price for a golf bag?

For the flagship golf bag of a premium brand, you’re likely to have to pay over $350. If you find one on sale for cheaper than that, you should consider buying it. Mid-range bags from top brands are closer to the $200 mark.