3 Best Golf Bags Under $200

Best Golf Bags Under $200

For golfers, having a bag is both a practical and aesthetic need. For years now, golf bags have been very popular among golfers.

Every good golfer who respects himself must have his bag. Do you know nothing about golf bags? Or are you looking for the best bag?

No worries. Discover through this guide, the characteristics of golf bags. Find out the 3 best golf bags under $200 you can you buy right now.

The usefulness of golf bags is no longer in question. With these bags, you will have the ease of carrying everything you need.

However, the number of bags and features available on the market can be confusing. Hence the need to know more about the product in order to know what to look for.

1. Callaway 2019 X-Series Golf Bag

This golf bag is part of the X-Series developed by the Callaway brand. It is a product with charming capabilities designed for a male audience.

It is equipped with fourteen compartments along its length. You won’t have to worry about any lack of space with this product. It is certainly able to store all your sports stuff and more.

It has seven pockets where you have the possibility to insert what you need. What makes its ergonomics remains the position of the pockets.

In fact, each of the pockets of this golf bag is strategically positioned on the outside so you can easily access them once on a cart.

The Callaway 2019 X-Series golf bag is designed from a wide variety of materials. These different materials have been used to produce a lightweight item with a long life and solid resistance to nature’s little vagaries such as dust.

The Callaway golf bag’s multiple features make it a favorite among golfers. However, it is not waterproof. So don’t keep it on when it’s raining or snowing.

2. Hippo Waterproof Golf Bag with Dry Pocket B/B

The Hippo golf bag is one of the latest products from Clearance Golf. It is a golf bag with an attractive appearance.

It is available in different colors like (White and blue). It is a golf bag with carts and electric motor. This bag has a total of 14 compartments in which you can store your clubs.

There is also an external well to keep your putter; straps where you can put an umbrella, your towels and even pens. You also have a rain hood. The bag also has 7 pockets that are able to hold other important stuff.

The Hippo golf bag was designed using quality components. In fact, its design is based on polyurethane materials.

This material is highly prized for its waterproof and moisture resistant nature. So you will have nothing to fear in case of rain.

Although it is very efficient, be careful when using this bag. It can be very fragile at the seams.

3. TaylorMade Pro Stand 8.0 Golf Bag (2020 Version)

The Pro Stand 8.0 is a golf bag designed and manufactured by the brand Taylormade. The manufacturer was keen to design a new version of its successful item this year.

It has seven lanes to hold your clubs and three integrated handles. It also has seven pockets positioned all around the bag. With its innovative angled base, this product provides better stability and ergonomics.

The bag is equipped with an automatic support system that makes it very light and a back strap that you can adjust according to your preferences at 4 points.

The back of the bag is padded to make it much easier to carry. It is the perfect accessory for both professional and beginner golfers.

The Taylormade Pro Stand Golf Bag is made of trustworthy materials. It is made from polyester component that can improve its resistance to dust and falls.

This material also makes the bag stronger and more durable over time. Despite its remarkable performance, this bag does not have enough space to satisfy all its users.

What features do golf bags offer these days?

In the past, golf bags were not sophisticated. They were all mundane and only offered the ability to store a few things.

Today, this is no longer the case. In this century, advanced technology is used to manufacture these bags. Therefore, they are now equipped with very interesting features.

So you can see bags that have solar panels to allow you to charge your electronic devices. Most of the bags also have the velvet lining.

This feature offers good protection against sand, dirt, rain or snow. The anti-split support system is a lightweight metal design. It allows you to put your bag down without the risk of it falling out.

What is the storage capacity of a golf bag?

For any good golfer, it is important to be able to hold all the necessary accessories in your bag. There can be a lot of them. First, the number of golf clubs is quite telling.

Pro golfers will be able to carry 14 golf clubs. In addition, they will have balls and all other accessories. Other golfers have the freedom to have bags that can hold much more.

The golf bags have many pockets. They can then hold all your accessories. There is also no weight limit.

However, carrying a heavy bag is going to be a pain. Your back will be put to the test. And even if you use ergonomic straps, your shoulder will surely suffer.

So it’s wise not to stuff your golf bags, despite their great storage qualities.

What about the cost of golf bags?

As with any other accessory, golf bags offer a wide range of choices. You can find reasonably priced bags on the market. At the same time, you can find bags at ultra-expensive prices.

The difference between these bags is often in the features they have. Also, the more expensive bags are of better quality. With a very impressive storage capacity. You should then budget accordingly depending on your preferences.

How to maintain your golf bag?

For optimal enjoyment of your golf bag, you need to know how to take care of it. A good maintenance associated with the quality of the bag, guarantees you a long lasting use.

So, there are a few tips to keep your golf bags clean. Be sure to use a damp towel to wipe off any pollen or dirt when cleaning your bag.

Be sure to dry the bag thoroughly before using it again. It is not necessary to do a full wash or cleaning. But you should also read the care guide for the bag you buy. It will tell you if there is a specific care recommended for your golf bag.


You now know a lot more about golf bags. You now understand their usefulness and the variety of possibilities they offer. Follow the tips and treat yourself to the best golf bags to make your time on the green more enjoyable.

Look at our list to have an idea on which are the 3 best golf bags under $200 you can find.